Traducción de briefcase en Español:


cartera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbrifˌkeɪs//ˈbriːfkeɪs/


  • 1

    cartera femenino
    maletín masculino
    portafolio(s) masculino América Latina
    • Harry just happens to have a bottle of whisky in his briefcase, and plastic cups.
    • Carry your workout gear in your briefcase or pack it away in the trunk of your car.
    • That is, until a bespectacled Arab man, in a business suit and carrying a briefcase, arrives one day on the bus.
    • He fell to his knees and released his grip on both the briefcase and the bag.
    • Limit the time you spend carrying heavy briefcases, purses and bags.
    • It was a picture of a figure carry a briefcase, in the action of handing it to the man with a scar.
    • But to my horror when I got downstairs there were two men dressed in black suits carrying black leather briefcases.
    • They carried briefcases and had children in their arms.
    • He was perched on a stool with a plastic briefcase at his feet and a half-supped pint of bitter in his hand.
    • Dozens of passer-by's walked past me, carrying their briefcases and their bags of work.
    • Most of them were carrying briefcases; they looked like they were coming home from work.
    • But those conspicuously carrying briefcases and cellular phones must pay up.
    • Almost against his will, his hands moved to the two locks on either side of the briefcase's handle.
    • Some are carrying briefcases instead of bookbags.
    • In one hand he carries a briefcase and in the other a wire basket for his purchases.
    • Passengers carrying suitcases - or backpacks or briefcases - will have farther to walk to mass transit connections.
    • Both men were dressed in suits and had briefcases with them containing miscellaneous business papers.
    • The Ambassador stormed past the Lieutenant-Colonel, carrying his briefcase firmly.
    • They carry data boards and briefcases and boxes filled with scientific paraphernalia.
    • Chained to his wrist was a briefcase containing forged war plans about the upcoming invasion of Sardinia.