Traducción de broach en Español:


mencionar, v.

Pronunciación /broʊtʃ//brəʊtʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bring up)
    (matter/issue) mencionar
    I didn't dare broach the subject no me atreví a sacar / mencionar el tema
    • But some of the medical issues broached here suggest that the paintings had consequences for their maker's health, too.
    • Here in the United States, for many months it was considered anti-social if not unpatriotic to even broach one's disagreement with the administration during these troubled times.
    • ‘I still don't understand it,’ Andy finally broached.
    • Tolkachev appeared highly interested in this subject, once it had been broached.
    • These issues are not being broached in open political appeals to the American people, who have never been consulted in any serious way and are largely unaware of the active consideration of a second or expanded war.
    • And it isn't because the contracts were too sensitive to broach in public: selected portions were used even where the documents were redacted or remained under seal.
    • Before about 1830, temperance sermons, tracts and addresses routinely broached female intemperance.
    • The angst of the past 18 months was finally over, but there was still one small matter to broach - breaking it all to hubby who, at this point, knew nothing about the project.
    • When an effort to update the system was first broached, business groups supported it - until, they say, local governments used it as a pretext to raise levies.
    • I happen to agree with Rumsfeld, but I'm disappointed in the howitzer's defenders, and I'm disturbed because so few analysts have broached what this fight is really all about.
    • The new facility simulates a clinical environment, and is equipped with CCTV to enable tutors and peers to watch trainees and old-hands alike broaching difficult topics with patient actors.
    • The New Zealand Merino Company represents 70 per cent of fine wool growers, and last month broached the idea of selling its wool in Melbourne.
    • It was difficult to broach the subject of empowerment or rehabilitation.
    • Third, Lincoln had never given up the idea, which he had first broached in 1855, of voluntary and compensated emancipation.
    • First, government is constantly making adjustments that harm some people but benefit society at large, yet no claim to compensation is recognized or even broached.
    • ‘I would like to talk to you again sometimes,’ she broached hesitantly.
    • But, perhaps with a few revisions, Pacamambo could become one of those unflinching stories that teachers and parents can rely on to broach difficult subjects.
    • I had first met Marcel Ospel two months earlier, when he broached the idea of closer cooperation between UBS and PaineWebber.
    • Colonel Everson broached the difficult subject with the wizard.
    • Led by Sweden, these states began to broach the question of membership of the EC.
  • 2

    (barrel/cask) espitar
    • No barrel was broached at this year's Oktoberfest, since host Ina couldn't find the hammer.
    • Some reports claim that the hatches to the cargo were broken open and the casks of alcohol broached.
    • Only St-Joseph and that paler shadow Crozes-Hermitage can sensibly be broached within their first five years.
    • Pattaya Mail's Peter Malhotra broached the ceremonial keg while muttering the immortal words ‘Ozapft is’ (the keg is tapped).