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bromide paper



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    papel de bromuro de plata masculino
    • Agfa Brovira is said to be the only pure bromide paper still in production, and amidol formulas do indeed give cold blue-black hues with this paper.
    • Looking at the print color, most photographers would assume it was on a bromide paper, but it has very subtle purple-brown blacks and light blue midtones.
    • Back then we printed off the text on different widths of bromide paper.
    • It's not a bad little print, made on an Agfa bromide paper with a sparkly, slightly beaded finish that has kept its lustre all these years.
    • Luminos Classic Warm Tone is a very interesting paper that is available in one grade only - it is unusual in that it is a warm-toned emulsion that solarizes like a bromide paper.