Traducción de brothel en Español:


burdel, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbrɔθəl//ˈbrɒθ(ə)l//ˈbrɑθəl/


  • 1

    burdel masculino
    • People who work on the streets generally are younger than your average sex worker in a brothel.
    • In other news, Blunkett is apparently looking at decriminalising brothels in a bid to make prostitutes safer.
    • This parcel he took to a local brothel and presented to a prostitute he knew.
    • It is illegal to run a brothel, which constitutes premises where more than one prostitute is working.
    • They were children and young women marked for sale into brothels and whorehouses.
    • With legalised brothels the prostitutes could be forced to have regular check ups for STD's.
    • Men will be taught to respect women, to abandon their old-fashioned views of patriarchy and stop visiting brothels.
    • Hundreds of new Asian prostitutes are coming to work in the new Asian brothels that are being set up in this country.
    • This in turn would mean the prostitutes would get better business in the brothels.
    • You're still very drunk and have decided to visit a local brothel before going back to barracks.
    • In Belgium, self-employed prostitutes are legal but brothels are not.
    • Does he mind the public knowing that he has visited lap-dancing clubs and brothels?
    • Traffickers are paid a sum of money for each woman and girl they deliver to a brothel or pimp.
    • With Matt as the spokesperson, drugs houses and brothels did not last long in the area.
    • The City of South Sydney has taken the bold step of trialling safe house brothels.
    • He owned the building where the brothel was housed and the business was registered in his name, she said.
    • Four girls were not told where they were going before they were taken to the brothel.
    • In the port of Cadiz, he made drawings of prostitutes on the street and in brothels.
    • Married for 29 years, he acknowledges he visited brothels as a sailor in the communist era.