Traducción de brotherhood en Español:


fraternidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbrəðərˌhʊd//ˈbrʌðəhʊd/


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    fraternidad femenino
    • May the hearts of Christians and Muslims turn to one another with feelings of brotherhood and friendship, so that the Almighty may bless us with the peace which heaven alone can give.
    • In essence most of these religions have the same essence of love, brotherhood and compassion.
    • In this trip, the message we are carrying is one of peace, brotherhood and friendship.
    • In other words, what we need is a genuine commitment to the principles of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.
    • There is a feeling of brotherhood and affection awakened here.
    • When it comes to brotherhood of faith, it is far superior to brotherhood of relationship.
    • For Joburg's Emergency Management Services the international bonds of brotherhood with other emergency workers are strong.
    • The Prophet, however, continued to establish a bond of brotherhood between each two of his companions, when more people declared their acceptance of Islam.
    • The Jewish idea of redemption is synonymous with all humanity living together in peace and brotherhood, in a close spiritual relationship with the infinite Creator of the universe.
    • When the movie ends, as ambiguously as it began, the dominant note is not anger or even sadness, but a quiet feeling of brotherhood, a clearer sense of the ties that bind us together.
    • As a show of brotherhood, every rugby match is followed by a ‘social’ where the home team feeds and hosts the visiting team.
    • Cut the ties that bind us together, cut the bond, cut our brotherhood and our sisterhood, and we suffer.
    • He added that organizing more and more such events would spread the message of peace, brotherhood and amity among the people living across the globe.
    • This bond of sisterhood reflects the bond of brotherhood within US infantry squads where men are broken down into smaller teams.
    • This focus continues, encouraged by international scouting events and an emphasis on sisterhood and brotherhood across cultures.
    • We are able to build up brotherhood and sisterhood.
    • The one thing contractors can never replace, however, in a job offer is that camaraderie, that brotherhood that's established when you serve the U.S. military.
    • The bond of friendship, brotherhood and enthusiasm to sacrifice themselves for each other were no longer there.
    • Yet, in spite of all this feeling of brotherhood, Canada from the very beginning of the crisis came in for American criticism for the nonchalant way immigration services were handled.
    • I miss the Bay area brotherhood and sisterhood.
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    hermandad femenino
    Religión cofradía femenino
    • Hundreds of brotherhoods associated with the Jesuits had to be dissolved.
    • He epitomised the keenness and competitive spirit of the Great Race as well as that of the racing community as a brotherhood.
    • Members of any religion are invited to join the brotherhood.
    • It was a brotherhood or association that catered to elderly craftsmen.
    • Each one belongs to a secret brotherhood affiliated to one of Seville's many churches.
    • These ties include family, friends, ethnic groups, neighborhood associations, religious brotherhoods, and hometown networks.
    • Your tongue will be torn out if you reveal any of the secrets of the brotherhood… That's often said to be one of the rules of the secret societies which have been around for centuries.
    • The Safavid brotherhood was originally a religious group.
    • That is the covenant, the bond that binds this brotherhood of airmen.
    • Costigan found that the man and other members of the union comprised a brotherhood of organised criminals.
    • Of course, we're told that the Freemasons are no longer a secret brotherhood, but a brotherhood with secrets.
    • Under the umbrella of their different tariqas the brotherhoods developed formidable organizations bound by personal ties of allegiance to their leaders.
    • Bearing in mind this historical-philosophical context, it becomes easier to understand how the tavolette came to be integrated into the rituals performed by the brotherhoods that ministered to the condemned.
    • Mystery schools and secret brotherhoods state a similar claim, that their wisdom comes from ‘somewhere else’ and are guided by a superior race of beings.
    • Young men who called themselves disciplinantes, the flagellators, organized into religious brotherhoods for the specific purpose of scourging the flesh ‘in payment for all the sins of the Christian people’.
    • Although many particulars of Bamana initiation societies, or jow, are still little known, rites of passage and the control of power are acknowledged aspects of these associations or brotherhoods.
    • ‘The government is not afraid of the brotherhood,’ Ahmed Nazif, the prime minister, said last week.
    • Police brotherhood boss Yves Francoeur is no fan of the public security officers that patrol 17 of the 27 island boroughs.
    • Do you have to be a member of any sort of organised religion to join the brotherhood?
    • Basically all those who lived away from the plantations and could claim a small plot of land, membership in a religious brotherhood, or political patronage were considered Forros.