Traducción de brushed en Español:


peinado, adj.

Pronunciación /brʌʃt//brəʃt/


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    • Public stairways throughout are stainless steel with brushed aluminum accents.
    • I push back the bedspread and the warm cocoon of brushed cotton sheets.
    • Her other creations include a range of nightwear for kids using brushed cotton, and formal wear for women.
    • It cost about £40 in my house to replace every switch with a snazzy brushed chrome effect affair.
    • Choose from brushed or lacquered copper, natural painted aluminum, and white.
    • Union made in the USA, this cap is made of heavyweight brushed cotton/polyester bull twill.
    • The aluminum bands and rivets that comprise the work can only speak of the brushed surface or the inexorable flatness of the metal.
    • This picture also gives you a close-up look at the brushed aluminium finish of the case.
    • The nylon band loops through fixed rings on the brushed stainless-steel housing rather than attaching to fragile pins.
    • Despite the small dimensions, there's a complete set of PC components hiding inside that brushed silver and black chassis.
    • One eye shone a shimmering amber with a thin slit of a pupil scanning the scene below while the other was an unmoving brushed gold orb.
    • I just hadn't expected to spot them at the breakfast table in brushed polyester with mother-of-pearl buttons.
    • The curved bezel and shiny brushed finish just floored me.
    • At just £2,140 for a black and grey brushed wool number, who could resist?
    • The menu comes on an A5 sheet of high-quality paper, with its corners slipped into slits on a thick sheet of brushed copper.
    • The drive itself has a brushed silver/chrome look to it, and is shaped to fit your hand somewhat.
    • Cut your choice of molding to fit around the mirror and paint it, using neutral colors or a brushed gold or silver.
    • The brushed silver appearance is also nice, though no other colours are available if silver isn't for you.
    • In back, a counter tiled in red glass fronts an open kitchen of brushed steel.
    • I am fortunate in my case, since the brushed aluminum finish by MountainMods has no paint.
    • Moving down from the dashboard the gear-lever has a brushed alloy cover which, at first glance, makes this six-speed manual look like an automatic.
    • When all of this was accomplished, the entire levergun was finished in brushed nickel and a composite stock was added.
    • Nielsen Bainbridge offers a wide variety of silvers, from a raw aluminum look to a steel gray to brushed tones in its German silver.
    • Stainless steel is the most common material; durable and easy to live with, in brushed or polished finishes.
    • It was the sun reflecting off the brushed stainless steel surface of the familiar DeLorean.