Traducción de brute en Español:


animal, n.

Pronunciación /brut//bruːt/



  • 1

    animal femenino coloquial
    bestia masculino
    bruto masculino
    bruta femenino
    her son is a big brute of a man su hijo es un animal / una / un bestia
    • To others, we are a combination of animals, brutes, deviates, psychopaths, products of broken homes, or just plain psychologically unbalanced individuals.
    • She was the only young girl in a tavern full of large ugly brutes.
    • But that, in a way, is what it is to be a human being: an aesthete and yet still a savage, a moral being with a brute's appetite.
    • The people who really could complain about being portrayed as sadistic brutes are the Roman soldiers.
    • Distraught pet owners have offered a reward to find the brute who slashed their cat with a knife and left it for dead with a 12-inch gash across its back and side.
    • Traffic jitters and frustration turned nice people into bullies and brutes.
    • It was cold out there and that horse was a notorious brute.
    • ‘You were not made to live like brutes,’ Levi quotes, ‘but to follow virtue and knowledge.’
    • But the popular image of Mary Shelley's monster as a lurching brute is a world away from her original vision.
    • Among the people he knows in London are Wemmick, a clerk in Jaggers' office who becomes a friend, and Bentley Drummle, a horrible brute of a boy who begins to make moves on Estella.
    • My fellow men were ugly brutes, caring only for their immediate needs and base cravings.
    • The early humanoids traditionally characterised as ape-like brutes were deeply emotional beings with high-pitched voices.
    • Running contrary to the accepted belief that Neanderthals were nothing but savage brutes, the child - either a foetus aged seven months or a child no more than a few weeks old - had been buried in a grave.
    • These form a virtual catalogue of Europe's vision of the New World's inhabitants, who were seen in turn as noble savages or heathen brutes.
    • On the other hand, we get the old chestnut of the renegade bandit who preys on travelers, except in this case, he's presented as a sadistic brute.
    • We cannot ourselves contribute to the stereotype that portrays these men as savage brutes unable to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.
    • Eventually, though, her Catholic aspirations to Protestant gentility and heavy-handed elocution lessons failed to soothe her brute of a husband.
    • If the people are not violent brutes then they are passive victims.
    • All the stories that she had heard about Gryphon's made them out as brutes and violent beasts, but Osiris proved them wrong every day.
    • The Irish father is a brute of a colonial policeman who, when not violating his child, enjoys casually smacking her in the mouth.
    • What about that line - every person, every single person had the potential to be a brute, a thug, a murderer - do you think that's true?
    • Watching these distinguished gentlemen operate, we feel certain that the old stereotypes of Italian-American men as Mafiosi, brutes, sexual predators, or idiots are behind us.
    • He's a brute, an offense to human decency.
    • The public would view the woman's affair as a sad, desperate attempt to gain some comfort in the hellish life her brute of a husband had imposed on her.
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    bestia femenino coloquial
    • The landing was home to a pair of scabrous aging brutes, a wolf dog (I suspect) and a forlorn Great Dane.
    • At one time a pack of them made an attack on Mr. Paschal's dog when tied within ten feet of the cabin, and but for prompt interference the canine would have furnished a supper for the hungry brutes.
    • What I remember is that the film starred Will Fyffe, whose big black dog was rather an unreliable brute that was suspected of sheep worrying.
    • Some observers hypothesize that she had been indoctrinated to believe the malicious stereotype of the Ursidae as awkward, clumsy, ill-mannered brutes.
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    (sth difficult)
    it's a brute to open da mucho trabajo abrirlo


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    brute force fuerza bruta femenino
    • they used brute force to get him out of the car lo sacaron del coche por la fuerza
    • Sometimes brute strength and strategic maneuvers enable the intruder to force his way past the guard and into the tunnel, where the sparring resumes.
    • We stand to lose as long as we keep convincing other people in other parts of the world that the only way you can really resolve a dispute is by having more weapon strength, more brute force.
    • It depends mostly on economic strength, backed up with intimidation and brute force.
    • On the one hand a dreamy excursion into one of the most exotic but desolate places in the world and on the other sheer brute physicality, the annual Marathon des Sables is seven days of exultation and desperation in the Sahara Desert.
    • I'm quite small like Bruce Lee was and martial arts are really about agility and skill, there's very little brute force involved.
    • For all their brute strength, tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles can be temperamental beasts, requiring frequent attention to get the best out of them.
    • Tenderness is more of a show of strength than brute force, because it is harder to be compassionate than it is to be mighty.
    • Unlike the hard martial arts, Tai chi is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize force, rather than brute strength.
    • The power to hoist such weight is not all brute strength - though physical force is crucial.
    • But there's little hope that a bully who is accustomed to satisfying his craving for any substance through brute force would want to change now, even as disaster looms large on the horizon.
    • The possession of vast territory, raw physical resources, and brute power guarantees neither prosperity nor peace.
    • Unlike in some other sports, sheer athletic ability and brute strength play a less prominent role.
    • But Carrot is actually the figure in the unconscious of every policeman and every criminal, who stands for justice, and who makes policing something more than the exercise of brute force.
    • The triumph of the strong over the weak and the effectiveness and inevitability of brute force are merely the working out of the natural order.
    • But the people of Puerto Rico are also human beings with a right to live and prosper that brute force cannot deny.
    • Such relations, contributing to a sense of continuity bridge the gap between the listener and the brute physicality of the musical language.
    • It was made up of ‘horse whisperers’, men who knew and passed on the secret of quickly breaking wild horses by bonding with them and earning their trust, rather than using brute force.
    • I used to know a guy who said, ‘There is no problem so subtle or complex that it can't be solved by brute force and ignorance.’
    • It's the only form of politics he knows: You foment a crisis, then use deceit, fear and brute force to impose your radical agenda.
    • Kain's character is the epitome of the physical character; brute force and power are his primary tools.