Traducción de bubble en Español:


pompa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbʌb(ə)l//ˈbəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of soap) pompa femenino
    (of air, gas) burbuja femenino
    (in paintwork) ampolla femenino
    (in lens, glass) burbuja de aire femenino
    to blow bubbles hacer pompas
    • speech/thought bubble globito
    • The water swirled around the glass, catching little bubbles of air and refusing to allow them to escape.
    • It was made up of spheres, looking like bubbles on the ocean surface.
    • Her wet-sleeved urchin takes advantage of the soapy water to blow bubbles.
    • A proper, complete filling of the cell with liquid ensured the absence of the air bubbles while the cell was stirred.
    • A popular form in the 1760s was the result of twisting opaque white or coloured glass into the stem, instead of air bubbles.
    • The crabs twitched and blew frothy bubbles, showing off their freshness with an occasional contraction of a pincer, as they lolled numbly in a shallow ice-filled tray.
    • Chemical analysis of the ice and the air bubbles in these cores provide a picture of climate and atmosphere during the past 110,000 years.
    • I just stared at an ornament on her desk, a glass paperweight riddled with air bubbles.
    • Bits of it glowed with a strange, orange light, trapped within tall bubbles of glass.
    • It's such a simple idea: chocolate with air bubbles in it.
    • She had created this illusion with her faith, as one makes bubbles, blowing on soap water.
    • And don't forget to show your toddlers how to float on their backs and blow bubbles.
    • The 33-year-old invested £50 in a machine to blow bubbles at shoppers as they passed by.
    • Drink from a tulip shaped glass to keep the bubbles in longer.
    • All of a sudden bubbles were flying everywhere as James jumped out, grabbed a towel and wrapped it hastily around his waist.
    • Blowing bubbles was always a favorite pastime during the summertime.
    • For instance, some of Le Bec-Fin's champagnes have to be in a curved glass in order to keep the bubbles inside the glass.
    • Sasha watched as Annie and Patrick blew bubbles by dipping a wand into soapy water.
    • I watched my daughter and her friend, captivated by a circle of people blowing bubbles.
    • A beaker of soda glass with air bubbles and figures on either side of the coat-of-arms, and dated 1624
    • Drawn beads are produced from a bubble of molten glass that is drawn into a long hollow tube.
    • I learned how to hold my breath underwater, blow bubbles out my nose, and kick.
    • My fish has blown some bubbles in his tank, so he must be happy lately for some reason.
    • Holding her breath, she dove into the water and blew bubbles.
    • Add four eggs and half a cup of water to the paste and beat well with an egg beater till very frothy and air bubbles appear.
    • Blowing bubbles is a favourite pastime of many children, but not one normally associated with school.
    • They left the church in a shower of bubbles, blown by all the guests.
    • Blow bubbles - use washing-up liquid or a bottle of bubble mixture to create shimmering bubbles in the air, then watch them float away.
    • To his intense distraction the delicate bubbles rise over the glass's rim and flow onto the table.
    • For example, true Pilsners should be served in tall glasses to allow the continuous stream of sparkling bubbles to create a dense head and carry the hop aroma upwards.
    • Stirring the mortar sample for 30 seconds releases entrained air bubbles into a viscous liquid at the base of a column of water.
    • Then I was blowing bubbles like the rest of them.
    • Today Corey had a bright red bottle of soapy water, and was blowing bubbles whenever the teacher turned his back.
    • Place splotches of color as desired onto page, then blow bubbles through a bubble wand onto the page.
    • Children can enjoy using twisted wire coat hangers to blow bubbles.
    • Derek picked up one of his mother's paperweights from the table: a glass bird trapped inside a glass bubble, trying to peck its way free.
    • Spectra acquired from liquid samples that are inhomogeneous or that contain air bubbles can yield erroneous concentration values.
    • Plasma is a lightweight surface carefully coated with millions of tiny glass bubbles.
    • The raising effect is caused by the heat reacting with other ingredients to form air bubbles of CO2, and these are trapped in the gluten forming pockets in the dough.
    • One that caught my eye seemed to be a mass of bubbles in blown glass.
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    the bubble burst when … se rompió el encanto cuando …

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(form bubbles)

      (lava) bullir
      (champagne) burbujear
      • The stove was burning hot, and water bubbled in the pans and he picked up more salt.
      • As the soup bubbled on the stove emitting an enticing aroma of chicken and herbs, Adam searched through Clara's cupboards and pantry again until he found a tray.
      • Put the 12 large eggs in a pan of hot water, bring to the boil, simmer for five minutes from the moment the water starts to bubble then drain and run under cold water.
      • He clapped his hands in delight as twin ribbons of sparkling water bubbled out, splashing against the bottom of the tub.
      • He looked inside, and the dark brown liquid bubbled slightly, sizzling.
      • A coffee percolating machine was bubbling in the corner, making the room smell welcoming.
      • Meanwhile Andrew lived simply on a diet of mussels and whelks and the occasional boiled crab that bubbled in the pot.
      • A loud rumbling was building from within the machine, and the water was bubbling wildly.
      • Geoffrey nodded sympathetically as the water bubbled towards the top of the drum.
      • Finally, removing a stout wedge from a crack in a rocky ledge, water bubbled out and the brothers watched as the thin stream washed the sands away, revealing the ancient walls of the camp.
      • You just place your hand below and water will bubble out.
      • Though the water bubbled rapidly, the water was always very warm but not boiling hot.
      • When you suck through the tube, the water bubbles and filters the smoke to make it cool and smooth.
      • Mia turned from the window as the soup began to bubble but when she had taken the saucepan off the heat found herself drawn back by something she could not explain.
      • Once the ingredients are blended and the liquid is starting to bubble, add the potatoes, making sure they are all coated with the cream.
      • She saw the boats pulling away from the docks and the water foamed and bubbled beneath them.
      • After the pine tar has bubbled, gently re-heat the base and wipe off the excess pine tar with a clean cloth or fiberlene.
      • She stirred a pot of stew that bubbled above the fire.
      • The sweet-smelling spaghetti sauce bubbled in the pot, as I put a cover on it.
      • Eight pots and pans bubbled or simmered, each adding its unique aroma to the air.

    • 1.2(make noise)

      (stream) borbotear
      (stream) borbotar
      • A fountain still bubbled in the center though most of the colorful tiles were missing or broken.
      • The only noise is from the Fontana Amorosa, or fountain of love, bubbling forth nearby.
      • The musical sound of the water bubbling over the streambed put his troubled mind at ease.
      • Underwater, the muffled bubbling sound of the frantic struggles of the people about her.
      • In the mountains of southern Arizona, a creek bubbles down a wooded canyon, heading to the desert a mile below.
      • The temples are built next to bubbling springs of hot water that surge from under the ground.
      • Instead a circle of water forms a large ring, with waterfalls and bubbling rapids, ending in a tranquil pool.
      • It didn't take much time for her to relax and enjoy the sound of bubbling water and birds chirping.
      • The use of rhythm is usually absent, in favor of floating bass and bubbling sine waves.
      • With a small sigh, she sat down on the edge of a bubbling fountain at the center of the square.
      • The aim of the bubbling fountains is to create water sounds which are meant to be soothing.
      • Here, during the rainy season, rapid bubbling rivers flow along the bottoms of these chasms.
      • To my surprise she laughed, the sound bubbling forth from her throat in a musical rhapsody.
      • But for those willing to look beneath the surface, there are a whole host of diverse sounds bubbling away.
      • She guessed that he didn't sit around thinking about daisies and bubbling creeks all day.
      • You can luxuriate in the coffee's aroma and listen to the soothing bubbling sound from the bar as another jug of milk is frothed.
      • What Hawkins does best is build a steady pace into each track to make a stream of bubbling sounds and images.
      • Not far away is Rotorua, a tourist spot famed for its steam, geysers, bubbling mud and foul, sulphurous smells.
      • The entire route is marked with bubbling rivulets and gushing waterfalls.
      • When you thought you could drift into beautiful melancholy track after track, sound effects bubble their way through.

  • 2

    to bubble with sth
    • she bubbles with enthusiasm rebosa (de) / desborda entusiasmo