Traducción de bubble memory en Español:

bubble memory

memoria de burbuja, n.


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    memoria de burbuja femenino
    • Later he spent five years at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, where he researched bubble memory, which records data by magnetizing small circles on gadolinium gallium garnet.
    • The use of and demand for bubble memory has all but disappeared because of the introduction of flash memory, which is less expensive and easier to produce.
    • In disks however, the stored bits are stationary on a moving medium, whereas in the magnetic bubble memory the medium is stationary and the bits move.
    • In addition, the bubble memory is small and lightweight and is, therefore, an excellent choice for compact designs and portable applications. functional operation of bubble memories
    • It's possible, also, to skip bad loops in a bubble memory, but when you initialize the memory, you have bubbles associated with those loops, so it's hard to get around them.