Traducción de bucket en Español:


balde, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbəkət//ˈbʌkɪt/


  • 1

    balde masculino
    cubo masculino España
    cubeta femenino México
    tobo masculino Venezuela
    to kick the bucket estirar la pata coloquial humorístico
    • to leak like a rusty bucket
    • his alibi leaks like a rusty bucket su coartada hace agua por todas partes
    • Women roll barrels and carry buckets containing materials needed for the construction of a reservoir.
    • The beans are poured from the buckets into smaller metal bins, and pickers are paid based on the number of bins they fill.
    • Sections of bamboo or plastic buckets are used to carry water from nearby streams for cooking and washing.
    • Almost all containers - buckets, barrels, tanks - were made by coopers from various woods.
    • Enterprising youngsters collected the petrol in buckets and plastic cool-drink bottles before taking it away to their homes.
    • We talked and examined the barrels and plastic buckets filled with fish, crabs and shiny squid.
    • They would get up at five o'clock in the morning to milk 45 head of cattle with bucket-style milkers, and then carry the buckets to the milk coolers.
    • His attention wandered to the thin, almost rat-like man stepping up to the teller carrying a large metal bucket.
    • Wolf came back, carrying a bright red plastic bucket with a white handle.
    • Transport the materials in a plastic bucket or pail to protect the pesticide container.
    • Subsistence-netters use small boats to gather the fish and bring them to the shore while others wade into the water to collect fish in buckets and plastic bags.
    • The highway, right from Chennai, is full of trucks and vans from all over India, carrying everything from medicines to food to plastic buckets.
    • If you do not feel comfortable about handling toads, a plastic bucket or similar container can be placed over the animal until someone else can assist.
    • Requirements: tin buckets, plastic bags containing sufficient sand to half-fill each receptacle
    • Students used buckets and bottles to carry water from a local stream to highlight the lack of clean water in the developing world.
    • These can be clay or plastic flower pots, buckets, milk or juice containers, or any similar container that holds a half gallon of water or so.
    • Separate plastic buckets carry the right and left harnesses.
    • They give your child a Playstation when you bought theirs a plastic bucket and spade.
    • After he'd checked out the next morning he called the police on a payphone and told them he'd seen a boy out by the fields carrying a bucket and a packet of matches.
    • He still dumps the milk in buckets and carries the buckets to the milk tank.
  • 2

    a bucket of water un cubo de agua España
    • to rain buckets llover a cántaros
    • to cry buckets llorar a moco tendido
  • 3

    (on mechanical shovel) cuchara femenino
    (on waterwheel, dredger) cangilón masculino
    (on digger) pala femenino
    • Without it, the job would require an entire day and five laborers using a skid-steer loader with a bucket.
    • It has a small bucket on the front and hoe on the back, with an arm that lays over to drop the center of gravity for travel.
    • The wheel has 60 buckets each which can hold 200 lb water.
    • A full investigation has been launched after a workman suffered severe arm injuries when he was crushed by a bucket on a digger at a recycling centre.
    • Usually, however, the most common miniexcavator attachments are buckets of varying sizes, breakers, and augers.
    • Every 60 seconds, a ball bearing drops from the left bucket on the channel to the waterwheel.
    • You can use this attachment with a wide bucket to dig.
    • A wooden or metal wheel with paddles or buckets of some kind are attached to the outside so that when set in a watercourse it will rotate as a result of pressure from the movement of the water.
    • Other attachments may include grading buckets, hydraulic breakers, plate compactors, augers, or rippers.
    • Too much water will make the buckets unstable and they may tip over.
    • This company also makes use of quick couplers on its loaders, so the bucket can quickly be attached or removed from the loader.
    • An attachable implement such as a loader bucket is attached to the actuator.
    • Water pours into the top bucket at a steady rate and gives the system energy while water leaks out of each bucket at a steady rate and removes energy from the system.
    • His arm was crushed by a large bucket on a digger.
    • It has a hydraulic PTO and can directly power a four-in-one bucket and several attachments.
    • He was crushed to death when a loader bucket fell down a shaft on him.
    • An ambulance spokesman told how the man was working in an eight-foot deep trench fitting pipes when a digger bucket fell on him.
    • Of course, buckets were designed to scoop dirt, not wreck structures or collect and hoist the gangly debris.
    • It was just adapted for the removal of trees by attaching the bucket to the rear.
    • So he called his dad who brought up the tractor, and he got into the digger bucket and they maneuvered it up high into the tree and rescued her.
    • Tethers were attached to the bucket and backhoe of the Bobcat while others were secured to the machine itself.
    • The crash investigator said one of the things he was trying to ascertain was the position of the tractor bucket at the time of the fatal crash earlier this month.
    • Besides demolition, BROKK machines could also remove debris with a bucket attachment.
    • Increasingly, that's likely to require an attachment other than a bucket.
    • I started with an old bucket from a front-end loader and removed the teeth and the grapple fork.

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    (go fast)
    (vehicle) ir a gran velocidad
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    it's bucketing está lloviendo a cántaros