Traducción de bucket shop en Español:

bucket shop

agencia de viajes, n.



  • 1Britanico

    (travel agency)
    (que vende boletos de avión a precios reducidos) agencia de viajes femenino
    • If you're looking for the cheapest deal on international flights, then buying your tickets from a bucket shop can save you big.
    • When the holiday to Tunisia fell through, because the bucket shop went bust, Maggie knew that it was probably a good thing; some terrible experience had waited for her there, where she would have got mobbed, literally mobbed.
    • If you plan your next trip or vacation ahead, you can find some of the best deals with consolidators or "bucket shops".
    • And yesterday online bucket shop announced it would be profitable within 12 months.
    • ‘I think the time is up for the smaller bucket shop travel agencies,’ says Ross.
  • 2

    agencia de bolsa fraudulenta femenino
    • In the real world, I think that kind of unauthorized trading would meet the legal definition of a bucket shop.
    • The Iowa Electronic Market, which runs a kind of a legal bucket shop in political candidacies, has restructured its presidential futures market.
    • What worked at the bucket shops didn't play on Wall Street. Within six months of the start of his legitimate trading career Livermore was wiped out.
    • With stock market speculation on its way to becoming a home-based sport (which, as the bucket shops were said to do, principally attracts those who are ‘looking for entertainment and excitement’ - and a killing!)
    • The U.S. has laws restricting bucket shop practices by limiting the ability of brokerage houses to create and trade certain types of over-the-counter securities.