Traducción de buffer zone en Español:

buffer zone

zona parachoques, n.


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    zona parachoques femenino
    • In 1975, the island was partitioned into Greek and Turkish territories separated by a UN-occupied buffer zone.
    • This is to occupy a 25 kilometre wide buffer zone along the Eritrean side of the border until UN cartographers can demarcate the disputed frontier between the countries.
    • Since the events of 1974, UN peacekeeping forces have maintained a buffer zone between the two sides.
    • The Seventh Army, led by Brandenberger, was to attack in the southern flank, as designated by Hitler, and to create a buffer zone to prevent American reinforcements from attacking the Fifth Panzer Army.
    • The situation at present stems from an area of land - the buffer zone - which was established in the peace agreement at the end of the Kosovo conflict.
    • The soldiers deployed in late December and early January 1996, and quickly established a 2.5-mile-wide buffer zone between the opposing forces.
    • The French troops withdrew, leaving a buffer zone separating the north and south and set up elections in order to form a government in the south.
    • West African military leaders are due to meet here tomorrow to create a peacekeeping force to replace the French troops in patrolling the buffer zone and monitoring the ceasefire.
    • Security usually meant gobbling up surrounding lands to create a Russian buffer zone.
    • They lived in the overpopulated buffer zone between two hostile neighbours, Scotland and England, where employment and farmland were limited.
    • Under the agreement, only lightly armed police are allowed to patrol the buffer zone.
    • This spelt trouble for Johnson's Indian nations, which had previously been a buffer zone between the French and British, while also holding a degree of the balance of power.
    • United Nations peacekeeping forces maintain a buffer zone between the two sides.
    • Hard-core government loyalists increasingly are insisting that the French clear a buffer zone between north and south to allow government forces to attack the rebels again.
    • The land here was settled in about 1820 to form a buffer zone between the established white farms and the Xhosa, the indigenous people.
    • Groups of ethnic Greeks and Turks waved at each other as they walked across the buffer zone that 24 hours earlier had been a no-man's land.
    • The French army intervened to protect its nationals and to set up a buffer zone to prevent the conflict spreading south.
    • Since then, UN peacekeeping troops brought to the island following intercommunal fighting in 1963 have patrolled a buffer zone separating the two communities.
    • France and Italy are expected to take the lead in forming the new Unifil force, which will be heavily armed and authorised to take ‘all necessary action’ to prevent hostilities in the buffer zone.
    • By seeking to establish what was, in effect, a buffer zone under French military control on the Eastern border Lyautey appeared to subordinate France's Moroccan interests to her Algerian ones.