Traducción de buggy en Español:


sulky, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbəɡi//ˈbʌɡi/

nombrePlural buggies

  • 1

    • 1.1(two-wheeled)

      sulky masculino
      calesa femenino
      • More Cubans rely on horse and buggies than automobiles.
      • Imagine that all your life you've grown up in Amish country, riding horse-drawn buggies.
      • On several occasions I passed men on horse-drawn buggies and women threshing wheat by hand.
      • Most of us assume that the Amish deplore all modern things; after all, they travel in horse-driven buggies and shun electricity.
      • If the horse-drawn buggy is your normal means of transportation then the automobile is wondrous.

    • 1.2(four-wheeled)

      calesa femenino
      • Volunteers keep our houses open, welcome visitors, drive our buggies for less mobile visitors, help out in our restaurants and shops, answer phones, run educational tours, research histories the list is endless.
      • On the up side, my golf club have now provided me with a buggy so this weekend I can take part in the club medal match for the first time this year.
      • With over 800 trade stands there was a myriad of things to see - perhaps we should have taken one of the golf buggies to ride round the site.
      • The effect is comic, like Mr Toad driving a golf buggy.
      • I was more surprised by the fact that seven of my 59 students did not know that NASA's spirit, a robot the size of a golf buggy, had made a triumphant landing on Mars.
      • But thanks to his faithful buggy he can still get round the course he joined in 1977, and, as he showed, he can still grab the headlines.
      • You'll mostly find men tinkering away at the cars, buggies and bikes which are getting set for the 230 kilometre return journey down to Finke.
      • As well as sitting on airplanes, golf buggies and sun loungers during their winter break, Rangers have enjoyed the pleasure of sitting on a three-point lead that can only have had a positive effect on morale.
      • It's late evening in London but lunchtime in Los Angeles, and when McDowell picks up the phone he's riding a buggy down the fairway of his local golf course.
      • A mock-Victorian map shows you the location of your room, while golf buggies are employed to take guests past the immaculate gardens to rooms in the five outlying lodges.
      • Police in Deland, Florida arrested Johnson after stopping him from driving on a state road in a golf buggy.
      • Shortly, a small pile covered by an American flag was brought out in an open buggy.
      • Overnight rain diminished the Monday morning crowd for golf on June 4, as no buggies were available for the wounded or super seniors who need a ride these days.
      • They scoot around in golf buggies, from beach to bar, and tennis court to treatment room.
      • Somehow, the standard mode of transport, the golf buggy - everyone zips around in them - comes with a suitable edge of irony.
      • Jack heaved himself from the well-worn seat of a golf buggy that had seen better years and grinned as his tanned wrist reached for a trusty 9-iron.
      • There aren't even any cars - a golf buggy is about as much as you'll squeeze up its Toytown streets with their cluster s of sugar-cube houses.
      • A tourist has been arrested for drink-driving in a golf buggy.
      • I presume that by ‘scooters’ he means the 4-wheeled mobility buggies, sales of which have boomed in the last couple of years.
      • After checking in, I am led to a golf buggy which chugs the few yards to my bungalow.

  • 2baby buggy

    (baby carriage) cochecito masculino EEUU
    (plegable) (pushchair) sillita de paseo femenino Britanico
    • For example the boot can take a child buggy and golf clubs, both items lying flat on the floor, between the rear wheel arches, without having to utilise the folding seat facility.
    • Many of you have had experience of poor accessibility for pushchairs and buggies.
    • The puzzle covers more than five miles of pathways and the whole family is welcome to have a go, including those in wheelchairs and buggies.
    • One would be level for walkers, people in wheelchairs and parents with buggies, while the other would rise and fall to allow youngsters to practice jumps on their bikes or skateboards.
    • Cars parked in Park Road sometimes completely block access to the park and the pavement is dangerous for parents with buggies and wheelchair users.
    • Yet everyday the people living in the area have to battle up its steep, gravel hill with shopping, bicycles and buggies.
    • Any central island would have to be large enough to accommodate up to 15 people with their shopping trolleys, prams, buggies and young children.
    • The study also generated other ideas, including a continuous route along the rivers, accessible to all pedestrians, including people using wheelchairs and buggies.
    • A notice on the door proclaimed ‘Unfortunately we have no room for buggies or pushchairs’.
    • And on Saturday, May 1, families will be dressing up and decorating their bicycles and buggies for a fund-raising walk around the parish.
    • These walks have been mapped by the BBC and each one follows a family-friendly route - accessible to wheelchairs and buggies - and takes in geographical, historical and contemporary stories.
    • The extension, which is now fully up and running, includes six consulting rooms, a new meeting room, a new upstairs reception area, and a platform lift for wheelchairs and buggies.
    • However, this might not be suitable for the many people who come into town on their electric wheelchairs or with double buggies.
    • One woman with a twin buggy was taking up four seats while elderly people had to stand all the way.
    • They would offer low-floor, easy access for parents with pushchairs and buggies, people in wheelchairs and the elderly, making public transport more accessible.
    • The centre is looking for a safe, ground floor office with access for buggies and pushchairs.
    • This also means buggies and shopping trolleys can be wheeled straight on and there is also a ramp for wheelchair users.
    • Since we'd decided not to book a car at the airport, we had to wheel the luggage trolley, two buggies, three suitcases and two children across the flooded car park to the coach provided by Sunworld.
    • To reach the lifts that are available, you have to climb a flight of stairs, which is no use for passengers with luggage, bikes, children and buggies.
    • Buses provide easy access for wheelchairs users, parents with buggies and shoppers with trolleys.
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    (motor vehicle)
    dune buggy buggy masculino
    • golf buggy carro de golf