Traducción de bullseye en Español:


diana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbʊlzʌɪ//ˈbʊlzaɪ/


  • 1

    (middle of target)
    diana femenino
    • Gen. George S. Patton insisted that his troops practice on replica humanoids instead of bullseyes.
    • Contestants shot at dummies dressed in frock coats with a bullseye on the chest.
    • I've pretty much given up on trying to hit the bullseye on my target, so I now just try to hit the paper of the guy in the lane next to me, thereby making him think that he has a really lousy shot.
    • But I could not work out which part of the bow, arrow or my hand for that matter I needed to line up with the bullseye in order to fire the tip of my arrow through it.
    • When she had fired 10 times, all hitting somewhere around the center of the bullseye, she handed her bow to the Gym Teacher and made her way over to the water cooler.
    • I used 1.5’ black bullseyes for one five-shot group each of CCI Min-Mag, Mini-Mag JHPs and Federal Gold Medal Match.
    • Instead of shooting at each other, participants shot at dummies in fancy frock coats with a bullseye embroidered on the chest.
    • All the targets have 10 concentric rings with different points values, the inner ring being the bullseye and normally worth 10 points.
    • And he just decided he would try to hit the bullseyes, and he was a good marksman, so he did.
    • He's improved with age, and we are very hopeful he can hit the board on Sunday, but we don't know if he can hit the bullseye.
    • Targets were nine-inch diameter, plain white paper plates with no bullseyes or other marking.
    • Dart and Target was played on a board of numbered coloured circles, on which doubles and trebles did not feature, the highest score being the bullseye and lowest at the edge.
    • John Mooring checked bullseye for 21 darts, while Jack White included a maximum score as did Mark Hartley to game in 20.
    • Remembering that the rear sight of a shotgun is the position of your eye, insure that you have an excellent eye-rib alignment and shoot for the center of the bullseye.
    • As for single-action, I hung out some small fluorescent bullseyes at 10 yards and easily perforated them with single-action fire.
    • When it hits the target, it crunches into the bullseye with brute force.
    • Under the particular conditions that day the bullet appeared at 10 o'clock in the scope several inches above the bullseye and plopped right down, seemingly at the last moment.
    • However, the average dart is also likely to land away from the bullseye.
    • The darts throwers also have been hitting the bullseye, but they have been feeding their own type of bull.
    • Pursuant to the Massachusetts law, shooting at bullseyes and other non-human representations (of animals, for example) is permitted, but shooting at human pictures is not.
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    to score/be a bullseye hacer diana