Traducción de bunker en Español:


carbonera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbəŋkər//ˈbʌŋkə/


  • 1coal bunker

    • 1.1

      carbonera femenino

    • 1.2(on ship)

      carbonera femenino
      • Originally standing higher than the rest of the superstructure, this has now collapsed into the fuel bunkers below.
      • The three stations will have a minimum capacity of 5,000 liters, while the fuel bunker will have a capacity of some 20,000 liters.
      • But then I really liked these collection of Coal Bunkers (though I'm not sure bunkers is the right word).
      • Three vessels have been identified as options to take the fuel bunkers and 7700 ton cargo of gasoil and gasoline from the tanker which ran aground off the Dwesa Nature Reserve last Thursday.
      • They had both suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and their bodies were found between the side of the house and a fuel bunker.
      • It is essentially a 747 jet engine that is bolted down on a stand and requires its own storage bunker of fuel at Napier wharf to supply it.
      • The Gujarat border is marked by two enormous fuel bunkers, one on each side of the highway.
      • When I approached, it flew into a tiny slot in one of the large cement fuel bunkers that we have on base.
      • The fuel bunkers built in the early 1980s by Yugoslavians are located on a former Iraqi air base where MiG pilots once trained.
      • The house has a very private west-facing walled back garden which extends to about 100 feet and has a variety of flowering shrubs and plants, a glasshouse and three fuel bunkers.

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    Deporte Militar
    búnker masculino
    • The army even employed a recoilless rifle designed to fire the same size of projectile as light fieldpieces to engage tanks, enemy bunkers, and lightly armored vehicles.
    • During the 1798 Rebellion, weapons were stored in secret bunkers and in the 1970's members of the Provisional IRA used Gun Island as a hide out.
    • When Monty is on the tee, some guy in a black jump suit and mask tiptoes out and narrows the fairways, shrinks the cups and puts rattlesnakes in the bunkers.
    • Other recent projects include wall-to-wall cart paths, and new bunkers and tees.
    • Parsinen unashamedly drew from the dunes of Cruden Bay, the greens of Royal Dornoch and the legendary humps, hollows and bunkers of the Old Course to fashion a links that is exacting, but fun to play.
    • You need lots of water for the greens, and a lot of money goes into maintaining all those strategically placed sand bunkers and water bodies.
    • Shielded devices could also be used in bunkers or tanks, to counteract chemical weapons.
    • The green is jealously guarded by numerous bunkers and a little creek that runs along the left side of the fairway before crossing just in front of the putting surface.
    • It has high, wispy grass, deep bunkers and large greens, much like St Andrews.
    • Why are the bunkers in the middle of the rough?
    • What makes exploring Berlin's bunkers so fascinating is that they were the bunkers of ordinary citizens, the millions of people who held no political ideology and just got caught in the middle.
    • However, as long as Hitler had not been properly defeated and was still holding out in his bunker in Berlin, these disagreements were mostly successfully contained.
    • The new ‘Caddy’ system, which costs £249, can be clipped to a belt or golf bag and will provide exact read-outs of distances to bunkers, ponds and greens.
    • We know the people who bombed the bunkers had a very interesting coincidence of being affected by that.
    • The nuclear weapons at this facility are stored in bunkers.
    • Some players have trouble hitting the sand behind a ball in the bunker because they focus too much on the ball itself.
    • Fear can come from a number of sources: a water hazard; a narrow fairway, a tight lie, the first tee, bunkers.
    • The new routing will bring back many of Adobe's fairway bunkers, all of which had been left to grow-in with grass, according to Richardson.
    • He said the photo contained ‘sure signs that the bunkers are storing chemical munitions,’ including a decontamination truck and special security.
    • On either side, the baked earth is already being formed by shapers into greens and bunkers, and Lewis can barely contain his enthusiasm.
    • Sand bunkers are a growing concern for golf course superintendents, right along with the conditions of greens.
    • Hitler's henchmen were a troglodyte lot, burrowing deep beneath the capital during their 12 years of power to build bunkers and boltholes as refuges from the massive violence they seemed to know would one day engulf them.
    • You've got three lethal bunkers off the tee and more up by the green for the lay-up.
    • Major islands in the group remain heavily fortified with most soldiers hiding in underground concrete bunkers that snake for miles underneath the surface.
    • The low-flying aircraft is fitted with missiles to destroy tanks, runways and bunkers.
    • Israeli soldiers in tanks and bunkers are all that separate the Palestinians from the settlers.
    • Now, the Marines and Iraqi soldiers uncovered this elaborate series of bunkers with large stores of heavy weapons, including rockets and mortars, ammunition and supplies.
    • The result of this is that the sand is not moved out of the bunker and therefore the ball will stay in the bunker too!
    • The Germans resist fiercely from bunkers, but the tanks systematically suppress enemy fire.
    • You can even bring your husband or boyfriend to caddy for you, provided you still have an Eastern Star caddy on the team to carry the bag and rake the bunkers.
    • Vonnegut was a German prisoner of war in Dresden and in an underground bunker during the bombing.
    • I could see a trough bunker guarding the left side of the fairway, a horrible finishing spot for the more popular draw.
    • There are bunkers spread across the fairway on the par 4 10th, filling a wide-open void.
    • It claimed that the five bunkers could easily store 150 weapons.
    • And to add further fuel to the fire, the fairway bunkers have been enlarged by 10% and they have added more trees down the left.
    • Not fully deployed, but also available are a further 10,000 warheads stored in bunkers around the United States.
    • After lunch, both Hitler and Eva Hitler (as she wanted to be called) met his inner circle in the ante-room chamber of the bunker.
    • The United States is now considering developing a new generation of nuclear weapons, smart nukes which could be used to bust open bunkers and destroy weapons of mass destruction stockpiled by rogue states.
    • A couple of golfers did not fair so well as trees, bunkers, and other obstacles got in their way.
    • The spokesman said Pakistani troops destroyed at least four heavily built concrete bunkers and several small bunkers.