Traducción de bus stop en Español:

bus stop

parada de autobús, n.


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    parada de autobús femenino
    paradero de autobús masculino Río de la Plata América Latina
    • So with five minutes to spare we stand at the bus stop in Northgate Street.
    • Near the bus stop, the policeman stopped the traffic, so we could cross the road.
    • Mr Sutton was alerted to the collapsed bus stop sign by a concerned resident.
    • Just as I begin to wonder if the buses have quit running for the night, a car pulls up to the bus stop.
    • There is a bus stop and a few paving stones where buses pull up to stop.
    • The proposal to move the bus stop was made at a meeting of the Ilkley and District Road Safety Committee.
    • The pedestrian refuge is next to a bus stop which makes it very dangerous.
    • A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Americans are waiting.
    • As for the chicanes on Huntington Road, there is a bus stop in the middle of one and the stop on the opposite side is at the exit.
    • Yuppie Village residents rarely go much further in the area than the tube station or the bus stop here.
    • These folk are probably fuming because they have been abandoned without a word of warning at the bus stop.
    • Six disabled parking bays outside the church will be closed to accommodate the temporary bus stop.
    • On her way to the bus stop she entered a drugstore to get one last thing, pictures.
    • Lucky for them, a bus was coming when they just stopped to stand at the bus stop.
    • If you are a few feet away from the bus stop or running towards it, the driver will not stop for you.
    • There are these men who hang around on the path between the bus stop and my house.
    • I don't really do breakfast as a rule, maybe grab a packet of crisps or a biscuit or something on my way to the bus stop.
    • This was happening in the bus shelter and the nearby road of my bus stop, the last bus stop on the route.
    • When we left for the bus stop, it seemed as though the parents gave us dirty looks.
    • There is a bus stop outside the library now and a regular service into the city centre.