Traducción de butterfat en Español:


grasa de la leche, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbʌtəfat//ˈbədərˌfæt/


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    grasa de la leche femenino
    crema de la leche femenino
    • It might be that English double cream has more butterfat than American heavy cream; it sure did whip up fast.
    • It is ridiculous that Department officials check issues in relation to butterfat but not milk protein which is now a major component of milk price.
    • Jerseys are nice little cows and they do give the richest milk - full of butterfat.
    • All are made without the dairy derivatives lactose, butterfat, milk, whey and casein.
    • Everything is strictly dairy (that means 11% butterfat from milk and cream, so not like those airy, margariney blocks you used to get at school) and the flavours are strictly traditional.
    • They regularly receive quality bonuses for high butterfat and milk solids and low SCC (somatic cell count) - a strong sign that they're on the right track with their management.
    • Despite the various nutritional uses of milk and milk products, butterfat of which the fat is separated is also used as an ointment for women's skin and hair.
    • Existing bans on products such as whole milk powder, milk, cream, ice cream and some butterfat products will also be lifted.
    • But the best thing, says Cheryl, is the fact that Nigerian milk has extremely high butterfat and protein content.
    • Milking was still done by hand and when George thought that Silverwood Dairy was inaccurately measuring butterfat, he bought a separator and sold cream instead of milk.
    • The first certified-organic dairy west of the Mississippi, Straus produces everything from cream-top whole milk and Monterey Jack cheese to 35 percent butterfat whipping cream.
    • The $6.01 price difference translates to more than 51 cents per gallon of farm milk with 3.5 percent butterfat.
    • The butterfat in the milk will nourish the skin.
    • Milk from Jersey cows has a higher content of butterfat, minerals and protein.
    • Just in time for the holiday season, the new Ultra Creamy is made with a pint of fresh cream and contains 83% butterfat, yielding flakier pastries, richer sauces and smoother frostings.
    • They supply well over half of India's milk and their butterfat is the major source of ghee.
    • However, their milk is higher in protein and butterfat - important ingredients for cheesemakers.
    • Unit sales rose 2.6 percent for the same period, reflecting steadying milk and butterfat prices after a year of wild fluctuation.
    • Product is weighed, checked for butterfat content and product integrity.
    • The value of protein is up to twice that of butterfat in every litre of milk.