Traducción de button en Español:


botón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbətn//ˈbʌt(ə)n/


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    botón masculino
    to sew a button onto sth coserle / pegarle un botón a algo
    • on the button
    • his answer was right on the button dio en el clavo con su respuesta
    • she arrived on the button llegó en punto / muy puntual
    • to be as bright as a button ser muy despierto
    • button nose nariz chata y pequeña
    • As a general rule, you should always fasten your top button, except if your suit features soft, rollover lapels.
    • A schoolgirl from York has been suspended for repeatedly refusing to fasten the top button on her blouse.
    • At this stage, they'll also check your garments for slits, broken buttons or zippers, and any other irregularities.
    • She bit off the excess thread of the last button being fastened and got up from under the table.
    • Such skirts were made up of a pair of aprons that wrapped around the body and were attached to a wide cotton waistband that fastened with buttons or ties.
    • It is buttoned down the front with five buttons, which also do up the men's way, and which are 10.5 cm apart, centre to centre.
    • He was pushing buttons on purpose, to figure out what would make him tick and what he would let roll off his back.
    • Also be sure to get such notions as thread, zippers, buttons, and interfacing.
    • It also features a two-button cuff with a button sleeve placket and wood grain Eagle logo buttons.
    • He was wearing an aqua tunic that wrapped around and was fastened by a single button on his left shoulder.
    • It has a jacquard collar and cuff, a four-button clean-finished placket with woodtone buttons, and side vents.
    • It consisted of a green tailcoat with golden buttons and decorations, a white shirt and black trousers.
    • Polo necks are sweaters with raised collars, usually adorned with two or three buttons on the frontal neckline.
    • Holding the reins of his horse with one hand, Alexander used the other to fasten the top three buttons of his greatcoat.
    • I then unbuttoned my sleeve buttons to the blouse and let that drop to the floor.
    • These buttons help fasten the collar ends to the shirt.
    • It has a three-button placket, pearl like buttons, full cut with extended tail and side vents.
    • She was wearing a chenille blouse, with tiny buttons down the front and a short black skirt.
    • That means that the threads are snipped, minor repairs are done, buttons replaced, garments are odor-free.
    • The professional killers will be there, blood dripping from the hand that pulls the trigger, pushes the button or slits the throat.
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    botón masculino
    to hit the right button dar en la tecla
    • Changing the current PC can be done through the keyboard or by pushing one of the buttons on the front panel.
    • One climber stood by his tent, punching buttons on his cell phone.
    • On one side sit record and volume buttons, and a control-lock switch.
    • It's important to remember that only the patient should push the button.
    • At the push of a button the front latches release and the roof starts to break back.
    • Illuminated lift buttons will be at wheelchair height, and there will be handrails, tactile signs and vocal floor announcements.
    • Push the button on the front edge and lift, the lid flips back and supports slide out, providing a stand for the phone.
    • The library's information page will probably have a button to click to access its electronic catalog.
    • She pulled her phone out of her pocket and pushed a button.
    • She pushed the button and held it down for five seconds to be sure he would see it.
    • He pushed a metal button on the door knob that locked it closed, and ran to the back of the room.
    • He also showed the audience the differences between the accordion and the melodeon the main one being the accordion has keys and the melodeon buttons for the notes.
    • The activation of the launch button light confirmed target acquisition moments after his father reached his mother's side.
    • I thumbed the button on my cell phone which bore the symbol of a green handset.
    • Tapping a few buttons on his laptop he accessed the power control grid.
    • The push of a button should reconnect power automatically when power is restored.
    • With practiced ease, she punched the right button in the maze of buttons, levers, switches, and dials.
    • The button was pushed, and the tray for the compact disc slid out of the player.
    • She pushed the button and waited in front of one of the shiny gold colored doors.
    • He pushed the green button in front of him and the mannequin started to move about the field.
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    distintivo masculino
    • Staff members may not hold public office or wear campaign buttons or attend political rallies.
    • Or whether there was someone out there more expert in illustration than I who might be able to turn it into some kind of logo or badge or button.
    • She then pinned to my shirt a button bearing a save-the-animals slogan whose precise wording I've forgotten.
    • Other workers have been asked to wear buttons and display banners in support.
    • I sat opposite a guy who I think was clearly too old to be wearing button badges.
    • Most are adorned with slogan buttons, some of which are very old and rare.
    • Union members are wearing buttons carrying the slogan, ‘I don't want to strike but I will.’
    • The slogans on our buttons are actually funny, and many of them are about cats.
    • Campaign literature was developed, magnets printed and buttons shipped to Rockford in preparation for my return.
    • We carry a complete line of top-quality, semi-automatic button machines that are able to produce professional-quality buttons at speeds of up to 5 buttons per minute!
    • As it was spitting with rain that morning, I'd worn my Harrington jacket, but had taken the button badges off.
    • There's no block of seats reserved, no group rate, no free buttons, badges, bleepers or blunkers.
    • You can't see from here, but those badges and buttons sport a plethora of pro-life phrases.

verbo transitivo

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verbo intransitivo

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    the blouse buttons to the neck la blusa va abotonada / abrochada hasta el cuello