Traducción de button en Español:


botón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbʌt(ə)n//ˈbətn/


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    botón masculino
    to sew a button onto sth coserle / pegarle un botón a algo
    • button nose nariz chata y pequeña
    • It is buttoned down the front with five buttons, which also do up the men's way, and which are 10.5 cm apart, centre to centre.
    • She was wearing a chenille blouse, with tiny buttons down the front and a short black skirt.
    • It has a jacquard collar and cuff, a four-button clean-finished placket with woodtone buttons, and side vents.
    • He was pushing buttons on purpose, to figure out what would make him tick and what he would let roll off his back.
    • That means that the threads are snipped, minor repairs are done, buttons replaced, garments are odor-free.
    • It consisted of a green tailcoat with golden buttons and decorations, a white shirt and black trousers.
    • She bit off the excess thread of the last button being fastened and got up from under the table.
    • As a general rule, you should always fasten your top button, except if your suit features soft, rollover lapels.
    • It has a three-button placket, pearl like buttons, full cut with extended tail and side vents.
    • The professional killers will be there, blood dripping from the hand that pulls the trigger, pushes the button or slits the throat.
    • He was wearing an aqua tunic that wrapped around and was fastened by a single button on his left shoulder.
    • Polo necks are sweaters with raised collars, usually adorned with two or three buttons on the frontal neckline.
    • At this stage, they'll also check your garments for slits, broken buttons or zippers, and any other irregularities.
    • Such skirts were made up of a pair of aprons that wrapped around the body and were attached to a wide cotton waistband that fastened with buttons or ties.
    • Also be sure to get such notions as thread, zippers, buttons, and interfacing.
    • I then unbuttoned my sleeve buttons to the blouse and let that drop to the floor.
    • These buttons help fasten the collar ends to the shirt.
    • Holding the reins of his horse with one hand, Alexander used the other to fasten the top three buttons of his greatcoat.
    • A schoolgirl from York has been suspended for repeatedly refusing to fasten the top button on her blouse.
    • It also features a two-button cuff with a button sleeve placket and wood grain Eagle logo buttons.
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    botón masculino
    to hit the right button dar en la tecla
    • Changing the current PC can be done through the keyboard or by pushing one of the buttons on the front panel.
    • On one side sit record and volume buttons, and a control-lock switch.
    • She pulled her phone out of her pocket and pushed a button.
    • It's important to remember that only the patient should push the button.
    • Push the button on the front edge and lift, the lid flips back and supports slide out, providing a stand for the phone.
    • Tapping a few buttons on his laptop he accessed the power control grid.
    • The button was pushed, and the tray for the compact disc slid out of the player.
    • He pushed a metal button on the door knob that locked it closed, and ran to the back of the room.
    • With practiced ease, she punched the right button in the maze of buttons, levers, switches, and dials.
    • At the push of a button the front latches release and the roof starts to break back.
    • I thumbed the button on my cell phone which bore the symbol of a green handset.
    • One climber stood by his tent, punching buttons on his cell phone.
    • Illuminated lift buttons will be at wheelchair height, and there will be handrails, tactile signs and vocal floor announcements.
    • He pushed the green button in front of him and the mannequin started to move about the field.
    • The push of a button should reconnect power automatically when power is restored.
    • He also showed the audience the differences between the accordion and the melodeon the main one being the accordion has keys and the melodeon buttons for the notes.
    • She pushed the button and waited in front of one of the shiny gold colored doors.
    • The activation of the launch button light confirmed target acquisition moments after his father reached his mother's side.
    • The library's information page will probably have a button to click to access its electronic catalog.
    • She pushed the button and held it down for five seconds to be sure he would see it.
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    distintivo masculino
    • There's no block of seats reserved, no group rate, no free buttons, badges, bleepers or blunkers.
    • Or whether there was someone out there more expert in illustration than I who might be able to turn it into some kind of logo or badge or button.
    • The slogans on our buttons are actually funny, and many of them are about cats.
    • We carry a complete line of top-quality, semi-automatic button machines that are able to produce professional-quality buttons at speeds of up to 5 buttons per minute!
    • Campaign literature was developed, magnets printed and buttons shipped to Rockford in preparation for my return.
    • You can't see from here, but those badges and buttons sport a plethora of pro-life phrases.
    • Union members are wearing buttons carrying the slogan, ‘I don't want to strike but I will.’
    • As it was spitting with rain that morning, I'd worn my Harrington jacket, but had taken the button badges off.
    • I sat opposite a guy who I think was clearly too old to be wearing button badges.
    • Staff members may not hold public office or wear campaign buttons or attend political rallies.
    • Most are adorned with slogan buttons, some of which are very old and rare.
    • She then pinned to my shirt a button bearing a save-the-animals slogan whose precise wording I've forgotten.
    • Other workers have been asked to wear buttons and display banners in support.

verbo transitivo

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verbo intransitivo

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    the blouse buttons to the neck la blusa va abotonada / abrochada hasta el cuello
    • Trembling, he stood, buttoning his shirt back up.
    • Using assistive devices can make performing many daily activities - such as reading a book, opening a jar or buttoning a jacket - less frustrating.
    • In the end, great figures of the past will be judged by their contributions to history rather than by whether they buttoned their vest the wrong way or ate prunes for dinner.
    • In your mid to late Twenties, you need to button the shirt.
    • Riddled with arthritis, diabetes and Parkinson's disease, he needs assistance with the simple tasks of daily living, such as getting in and out of bed, buttoning a shirt, or tying a shoelace.
    • Emily jumped out of the car, buttoning her shirt.
    • ‘Come to think of it, perhaps I will,’ he muttered, buttoning the black vest he had pulled on over a simple black linen shirt.
    • It was a cold November night in Hawolgok-dong and I buttoned my coat against a bitter wind announcing the onset of winter.
    • ‘Now, let's fix you up and when you're ready we'll go back inside,’ I said buttoning his shirt and then fixing his tie.
    • Now well about a year ago, to be perfectly truthful, I couldn't button my shirt.
    • I am buttoning my skirt with fingers that are trembling, and my voice seems to be coming from a great distance.
    • Reggie stopped buttoning his shirt and stood aghast: ‘That's extraordinary doctor, that's exactly how I feel!’
    • I pulled up to my ex-house (Amanda won that easily) and parked in the lavish driveway, buttoning my jacket as I walked up, roses in one hand, keys in the other.
    • ‘I really hate my father,’ Trent muttered bitterly, buttoning his shirt.
    • I think glancing along rows of neatly zipped trousers and tightly buttoned shirts in the tube carriage.
    • He straps his sword to his waist while Annabelle buttons his coat.
    • ‘For your information, I am in her bathroom,’ was the only reply he could think of as he started buttoning his shirt.
    • Ian buttons his coat in preparation for heading outside and lets his mind mull over today's schedule.
    • Mike holds out his wrist, and Martina absently buttons his loose shirt cuff.
    • After buttoning his coat, he gazed at his sister.