Traducción de cadaverous en Español:


cadavérico, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈdav(ə)rəs//kəˈdæv(ə)rəs/



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    • When you're about 60, the penalty for remaining rockstar-thin is a cadaverous face and hollow cheeks.
    • You understand why he looked cadaverous long before April 3, 2000, when an assassin cut him down.
    • I now have new images whenever I see a cadaverous academic.
    • Stubble adorned his thin, cadaverous, scarred face, and remnants of blood stained the ends of his hair.
    • She is skeletally thin, with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.
    • But a cadaverous light does suffuse her brushy work.
    • I couldn't have said whether it was the reflection of the snow or something else that gave his face a sickly, cadaverous tint.
    • Here too, there was an urgent and primal need to manage the dark, yet in our night, tonight, the quiet darkness outside is replaced by a frantic and cadaverous light, and an overheated, yet archaic buzz.
    • But the cadaverous count does not seem happy about the prospect of moving.
    • When she looked at him again, her face was cadaverous.
    • Six foot tall, slim and with a deceptive unassuming air, his blond hair and cadaverous cheek bones say rampant sex drive packaged as boy next door.
    • We fine cadaverous fellows do not share your enthusiasm for the sanctity of life, for obvious reasons.
    • Peter shuffled his cadaverous form into the passenger side while I dumped the last of our provisions in the trunk.
    • He further concluded that these cadaverous particles could adhere to the hands of physicians and thus be transferred to the women, thereby transmitting puerperal fever.
    • Some bouts of serious illness left him with a cadaverous appearance that only enhanced his charisma.
    • One of the lads is looking a bit cadaverous these days.
    • Victims suffered from bad breath, a loathsome cadaverous stink from within according to one contemporary, and other symptoms included high fever, acute stomach pains and bluish black spots on the body.
    • A lone cadaverous figure standing near a nervous blindfolded donkey was seen centered in the destroyed fields.
    • The body's face was cadaverous and melting, the eyes the only prominent feature.
    • Next to my large and robust American seat mates, I must have looked positively cadaverous.