Traducción de caddie en español:


caddie, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈkædi//ˈkadi/


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    (masculine and feminine) caddie
    before noun caddie car / cart carrito para los palos de golf
    • But there is a lot more to caddying than that - the good caddie knows the right club to produce and the yardage to the hole of every approach shot to the green.
    • My own caddie, Ben, was a high-school senior and a regular summer caddie at another club in the area.
    • He would later become a caddie and an assistant at the club.
    • At the end of the first nine holes, the young man was so enraged that he discharged the caddie and carried his own bag.
    • The magic between those two guys, the connection that makes a caddie pull the right club every time, is gone.
    • In French the word cadet is pronounced ‘ca-day’ but in English the golfer's assistant became a caddie.
    • He changed his clubs, his caddie, his coach and indeed tinkered with his swing in an effort to restore the magic and the signs were there in the first half of the season.
    • Members of the club will be able to walk the course with a caddie or take a golf car equipped with a global positioning system.
    • I had a friend of mine caddying for me instead of my regular caddie.
    • The caddie cleans golf balls by taking them in his left hand and rubbing them with a towel in his right.
    • Ever wondered why most tour pros read their own putts and go to the caddie just for confirmation?
    • But while the latter got his social and sexual attentions, the caddie was the handiest person around to take the blame on the days when the putter went cold and the drives found the long rough.
    • The caddie is, effectively, the professional golfers' sidekick.
    • ‘The good caddie carries much more than the weight of the golfer's clubs in his back, that's for sure,’ he said.
    • Of all the things my caddie does, keeping my club grips clean and dry might be the most important.
    • In practice rounds, my caddie, Greg, and I work on my short game with a baseball glove.
    • But as he then reached for a club from his caddie, he also backed into a branch and snapped it off.
    • When my putt ended up a foot outside the hole, the caddie said drolly, ‘I said a golf ball, not a soccer ball!’
    • When you're out there playing, you have to play the role of the caddie as well as the golfer to make sure you make the smart play.
    • The customary rate for a good caddie varies wildly, even at clubs in the same neighborhood.

verbo intransitivo

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    hacer de caddie
    to caddie for sb ser el caddie de algn