Traducción de calabrese en Español:


brócoli calabrés, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkæləbris//ˌkæləˈbreɪzi//ˈkaləbriːs//ˌkaləˈbriːs//ˌkaləˈbreɪsi/


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    brócoli calabrés masculino
    • Purple sprouting broccoli looks like a slight, weedy cousin of the fat green stems of calabrese that are available all year round.
    • Mrs Cox became the first lady to win the cup for the best collection of vegetables of calabrese, lettuce, beetroot, onions and courgettes.
    • Some of the best broccoli is grown in the south of Italy, hence the reason it is also called calabrese, from Calabria.
    • The species Brassica oleracea includes the vegetable crops cauliflower, cabbage, calabrese, and Brussels sprouts.
    • We're trying calabrese for the first time. I can't remember the variety.
    • One of those is his calabrese and what he doesn't exhibit he sells to the Beggars' Arms for goodly sums.
    • The Italian connection is maintained in the name of the vegetable calabrese, which refers to the Italian province of Calabria.
    • There's a wide range of slab pizzas, with toppings like bocconcini, spicy calabrese, onions and cheese, fresh tomatoes, rapini and the all-dressed Motta special.