Traducción de calculated en Español:


calculado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkalkjʊleɪtɪd//ˈkælkjəˌleɪdəd/


  • 1

    (risk) calculado
  • 2

    (insult) intencionado
    (insult) dicho con toda intención
    (act) premeditado
    (act) deliberado
    • Officials generally believe that war results from a calculated, purposive, conscious decision.
    • Sensing the shift in ruling circles, and the possibility of winning government, they made a calculated decision that their best interests lay in burying the whole issue.
    • Rudd has taken a calculated decision to go public.
    • I took down the details more out of frustration with my job, a wish to explore other avenues, than a calculated decision to study art.
    • The new employees haven't understood that having a liberal returns policy is a calculated financial decision on our part.
    • Providing you think things through before you buy, you can be sure that you will make a calculated decision.
    • First, an adult might make a calculated decision ‘to bury the hatchet.’
    • That's what makes music great, it's an emotional, personal impulse, not a calculated decision.
    • No-one thought that the concentration camp was a natural disaster: everyone knew that it was the calculated consequence of an evil vision.
    • The judge called the attempted robbery planned and calculated and said he had a duty to protect the public and vulnerable premises.
    • Jane accuses the firm of using a calculated strategy to fire her because she had been there 11 years and was paid a higher salary than new workers.
    • The peculiar humour of the book has endured a harmless populist transformation, but that does not play like a disadvantageous calculated decision but like inspired fun.
    • This trial judge, as I read her Honour's findings, found the conduct at least towards the end of the impulsive scale rather than closer to a calculated decision.
    • ‘You took a pre-meditated, calculated and awful revenge,’ the judge told him.
    • Still, if the price is a psychological barrier, rather than a calculated decision, the investor probably shouldn't be buying anyway.
    • The evidence suggests the cover-up was conscious, calculated and ongoing.
    • The company made a calculated business decision that the number of people it needed to compensate would be less than the profits.
    • The idea seems to have caught on in the market for housing accessories where every decision is a calculated choice, often involving the whole family.
    • The experience-its calculated mystery, its silliness-was fun, but the whole phenomenon begs the question: what for?
    • I find that she made a calculated decision post-separation to ‘run down the clock’ on the property and financial issues with her husband.