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    • Free weights, tubing and calisthenics can be substituted once exercise machines become too difficult to use because of increased size and balance problems.
    • One week after her surgery, she was at the gym doing calisthenics and chins.
    • Also, squad leaders established routines with weight training and calisthenics.
    • The gym offers yoga therapy, aerobics and callisthenics separately for men and women.
    • Combine that with a basic training-styled cardiovascular and calisthenics session.
    • Harris resented the intrusion and the new emphasis on calisthenics.
    • On the day of the timed run, after performing some calisthenics and stretching, we headed for the track.
    • These movements include push-ups, crunches, dips, pull-ups, lunges, body weight squats, back extensions or any other calisthenics.
    • I start off with calisthenics to warm up, and then I do weights and finish up with cardio.
    • Try weightlifting or calisthenics to build your strength and improve your balance.
    • He was obsessed with exercising, and would often spontaneously do calisthenics whenever the four of them were hanging out.
    • Warm up for five to 10 minutes before each workout with some light calisthenics, and follow each training session with five to 10 minutes of stretching.
    • Therefore, it is not that strange that the practice of transcendence should be as much a part of the Chi Gong tradition as callisthenics and breathing exercises that lower blood pressure.
    • Although the way they are taught in the West often resembles simple calisthenics, yoga and tai chi run much deeper.
    • Start with a ten-minute warm-up of jumping rope, jogging, or calisthenics.
    • Warm up before the weight-lifting session with stretching exercises, calisthenics, and jogging.
    • He jogs, bikes and performs calisthenics to lose the extra pounds.
    • Your rehabilitation team might suggest exercises you can safely perform at home, such as walking and gentle calisthenics.
    • He and his mates are laughing and jeering at their next-door neighbour: a crazy old man, stripped to the waist, performing what looks like some kind of weird callisthenics routine in his backyard.
    • One can never see him dancing or performing callisthenics on the stage to attract audiences.