Traducción de calumny en Español:


calumnia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaləmni//ˈkæləmni/

nombrePlural calumnies


  • 1

    calumnia femenino
    • Weapons or slander do not cut it; fire or false presentation does not burn it; water or calumny does not moisten it, and wind or rumour does not dry it.
    • The notion that his allegations may be no more than calumny, or suspicion without substance doesn't seem to bother him.
    • Although it's likely that she will prevail in court, he has made an ugly situation even uglier by echoing a lot of calumny and spreading bald disinformation, thereby reaffirming public lies.
    • Has it ever occurred to you that calumny is as grave a sin as witchcraft and that it would be advisable to at least know what you are talking about before you assassinate somebody's character?
    • As the first barrister briefed in that seminal case, it behoves me to respond to this ignorant calumny.
    • You risk committing the sin of calumny.
    • This calumny would be delightedly used by Caesar's enemies throughout his life to imply his homosexuality.
    • The management of the countryside, in which we landowners and farmers take such pride and for which we so often receive so much calumny, is just doing the same things on a still larger scale.
    • Scandal, woe and calumny struck the otherwise genteel junior school carol concert last night.
    • Incidentally, he takes her to task for disseminating such calumny.
    • It pains us to be a subject of real calumny, unjustifiably so.
    • He defended his beliefs with vigour, but in the end was overwhelmed by the flood of insult and calumny to which he was subjected.
    • It would be a calumny on the reputation of that great man to suggest it.
    • It is symbolic of the way that this glamorous Italian has ridden out the storm of controversy, calumny and secrecy surrounding the building, designed by her late husband.
    • I find myself the victim of a campaign of calumny and abuse.
    • I'm sure both parts of this assertion are mere calumny.
    • When I buy Frank magazine and pass it around, I am doing evil for I am sharing in the sin of detraction and calumny.
    • What ethical responsibility does a bulletin board system bear towards publishing this calumny?
    • Upon publication, he sued the newspaper for calumny because he was financially secure and was not in the shop-sign business.
    • I can only get away with this calumny because of the shield of anonymity.