Traducción de calve en Español:


parir, v.

Pronunciación /kɑːv//kæv/

verbo intransitivo

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    • It will be important to leave enough quota for the spring time when cows start calving again.
    • They're very easily kept, you don't need a shed for them and they calve easily.
    • Sara said she probably wouldn't get back to Bolton to see her dad, Leonard, who has a farm in Little Lever, because his cows were calving but she hoped her mum, Jackie, would come and see her at the events.
    • Not all cows calve by day, so cows have to be monitored for up to 200 nights per year.
    • Cows that calve in hot summer months may experience a longer period from parturition to subsequent pregnancy.
    • Unlike on most dairy farms, all the cows calve at the same time of year, and the cows are not milked in wintertime.
    • It feels like a fresh start now that we have got cows calving again.
    • But Mrs Appleby said she was not fazed by the work, including the first time she had to help a cow calve.
    • Cow and calf producers typically choose to commence calving and breeding at times of the year when weather is least stressful and forage conditions are optimal.
    • The single dose format also reduces risks associated with excessive handling of animals close to calving.
    • Before calving, they return to Tuttle and the cycle begins again.
    • If the legs move at each strain it is likely that the cow will calve without too much trouble.
    • Summer calving in southern and southeastern herds is questionable because of the potential for reduced calf performance.
    • Cows calved from February 15 to March 20 at the Eastern Colorado Research Center.
    • Also, heifers that conceive earlier in their first breeding season calve earlier and wean heavier calves.
    • This will allow farmers to shift animals from rented grazing land to pasture nearer home to supervise lambing or calving or turn out animals onto summer pasture from overcrowded steadings.
    • We are not aware of similar data reported for cows calving during different seasons of the year.
    • The cottage was to be built on the Kilkenny Road, but Miss Lennon complained that Mickey's father would be too far away from his work if anything happened, like a cow calving in the middle of the night.
    • As well as the deaths, it also led to other problems including cows calving on board.
    • Cows were removed from the hay paddock as they calved and were placed on their respective cool-season grass pastures.