Traducción de calyx en Español:


cáliz, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkalɪks//ˈkeɪlɪks//ˈkeɪlɪks/

nombrePlural calyces, Plural calyxes

  • 1

    cáliz masculino
    • He gave special attention to the pubescence of the leaves and of the calyces.
    • The real attraction, though, is the dramatic calyxes that remain after the small flower petals fall.
    • Similar to the color traits, plant prickles were also evaluated for individual organs including stem, leaf, and flower and fruit calyxes.
    • The flower has a tubular calyx with four ovate lobes and a corolla with four overlapping petals.
    • Unlike with other bulb flowers, the calyxes of amaryllises do not open quickly, so consider this when using them in flower arrangements for certain occasions.