Traducción de campaigner en Español:


combatiente, n.

Pronunciación /kamˈpeɪnə//kæmˈpeɪnər/


  • 1

    combatiente femenino
    an old campaigner un veterano
  • 2

    Política Sociología
    defensor masculino
    defensora femenino
    a campaigner for human rights un defensor de los derechos humanos
    • the candidate's skills as a campaigner la habilidad del candidato para hacer una campaña
    • Against that, he is a seasoned campaigner who has fought some tough electoral battles in the past.
    • He was a lawyer and a trade union activist, a campaigner for human rights and democracy.
    • Now the couple are leading campaigners in the battle to increase awareness.
    • Now the campaigners will have to gear themselves up for a further battle when the developers appeal.
    • Her convictions all seem to stem from her activities as a peace campaigner.