Traducción de cannibal en Español:


caníbal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkanɪb(ə)l//ˈkænəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    caníbal masculino
    antropófago masculino
    antropófaga femenino
    • Typee embellished his sojourn with a cannibal tribe in the Marquesas Islands.
    • He writes of the information he is given in one village that members of a neighboring tribe were cannibals.
    • This peculiar state of affairs led to the suggestion of a cannibal mythology as a feature of Western cosmology.
    • And in the black comedy, How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, an explorer tries to ingratiate himself with a tribe of cannibals in the Brazilian jungle in a vain attempt to avoid becoming their next meal.
    • The ship anchored in the French Polynesia, and his encounters with a cannibal tribe there became the subject of his first novel, Typee.
    • If he did, he'd have found himself in a cruel parody of Gilligan's Island, a region of thick mangrove swamps and tribes of headhunters and cannibals.
    • During the perilous expedition through jungle and across high altitudes, the group encounters tribes of headhunters and cannibals, observing and filming their rituals and ceremonies.
    • The brain pathology was vividly reminiscent of Kuru, a disease once found in a New Guinea tribe of cannibals who ate the brains of their dead.
    • The cannibal scouts drag the captives to their cannibal chief, who looks them over and pronounces them tasty morsels indeed - and their skins will make excellent canoes!
    • Being transferred into a cannibal society would be extremely unpleasant for most people.
    • If you are writing a screenplay about a tribe of cannibals who attack a major city, then you are probably going to have to include some scenes of gore, at least if you want to hit your target market!
    • During these years she made many enemies, among the whites and some Aborigines, with her cannibal stories, but also many friends who realised that she was the only person competent enough to deal with the Aborigines.
    • Yet one finds little beauty in his description of Shotaro's undead wife or the cannibal priest of ‘The Blue Hood.’
    • Charles Gordon Frazer painted Cannibal Feast to provide an insight into the cannibal civilisations he feared were on the brink of extinction after witnessing the feast while hiding in long grass.
    • Once upon a time, a story goes, there was a tribe of cannibals in the mountains.
    • Ulysses took his revenge while Polyphemus was asleep, driving a sharpened and heated log into the single eye of their cannibal captor.
    • Indeed, when compared to the Italian cannibal films of the '70s and '80s, Rob's little road movie is an artsy-fartsy wannabe.
    • Fourteen years ago they were the last cannibal tribe of Papua New Guinea.
    • Finally, we discuss potential implications for the dynamics of cannibalistic populations where cannibals and victims compete for a shared basic resource.
    • Thus the sisters become the helpers of the visitor, hiding her from their cannibal mother.