Traducción de canon law en Español:

canon law

derecho canónico, n.


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    derecho canónico masculino
    • Within the Church of England canon law had, until 1969, allowed for the use of exorcism, provided that permission was obtained from the diocesan bishop.
    • This was when the notion of a consensual, holy, and indissoluble bond was most refined and carried into the greater world by canon law and church courts.
    • Secondly, the study of Roman and the church's canon law from the late eleventh century provided much of the language and many of the ideas for thinking about the state.
    • In carrying out this responsibility, Lutherans adapted received Catholic canon law and the procedures of ecclesiastical courts to the civil realm.
    • He also repairs the historical amnesia of the document through a detailed review of theology, canon law, and papal pronouncements on slavery over the centuries.
    • Eventually the church regulated marriage through canon law.
    • During this period the Maronite Church came into full communion with the Western Church; it preserved its own hierarchy, liturgy and canon law and its patriarch was made directly subject to the pope.
    • The bishop submitted his resignation, as required by canon law, when he became 75 years old on November 3, 1999.
    • Bishop Murphy said, in his opinion, the current debate about the status of canon law and civil law is an academic one.
    • Legal historians frequently define themselves by the variety of law they study: canon law, common law, or custom.
    • Since a civil court could not determine what is or is not required by canon law, it must accept the university's own determination of its obligations.
    • According to canon law, the powers of the bishops' conference, except in matters liturgical, are almost entirely advisory.
    • It acquires the status of canon law in a series of three church councils in the sixth and seventh centuries.
    • On the one hand, the bishops seemed simply to ignore many of the requirements of the natural law expressed in canon law.
    • The university had freely chosen to be governed by canon law and to obey the Vatican's declarations, and if they were inconsistent with academic freedom, so be it.
    • The Church has centuries of canon law - canon law which the American bishops did not use - specifically designed to deal with such offenses.
    • The tensions between civil law and canon law are mentioned in Dignan, pp.46-52.
    • Among Anglicans, responsibility for the good order of the Church is placed in the hands of bishops by custom, rites of ordination, and canon law.
    • They looked at canon law and Church bureaucracy and argued that it bred inefficiency, graft, injustice, worldliness and immorality.
    • Surprisingly, there is no rigorous distinction between the two terms in canon law or in theological dictionaries - or for that matter in legal dictionaries.