Traducción de canonical en Español:


canónico, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈnɑnək(ə)l//kəˈnɒnɪk(ə)l/



  • 1

    • Much of the controversy that Life is Beautiful attracted centres on its lack of authenticity in its departure from the accepted or canonical representation of the Holocaust, which is based on historical truth, realism and tragedy.
    • Freedom in its fullest sense, then, is only possible in a canonical form of social order, in which all take part in shaping the conditions of common life.
    • First, if you ever want to clean your MBR from whatever is installed there, the canonical method is to use the fdisk program from an MS-DOS boot floppy.
    • The feature was so useful that it became a canonical component of the standard weblog entry.
    • According to the canonical recipe, a stew (zirwak, from the medieval Persian zirbag: ‘that which is cooked underneath’) is cooked in the cauldron-like pot qazan.
    • How about Alfred Wegener and continental drift, probably the canonical story of establishment myopia?
    • To foster learning, they contend, organizations must see beyond conventional, canonical job descriptions and recognize how learning occurs in the rich context of practice.
    • Seven hundred years later, two things remain constant: first, the primacy of Francis' life, and second, the futility of trying to produce a canonical version of that life.
    • In our present work, we use the Replica Exchange Monte Carlo method to obtain the canonical distribution of both monomer and dimer forms separately.