Traducción de capital gain en Español:

capital gain

plusvalía, n.



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    plusvalía femenino
    capital gain gains tax impuesto sobre la plusvalía masculino
    • Assume that you reinvest your dividends and capital gains payouts in shares of the fund.
    • Also, all mutual funds are required to pay out all dividends and capital gains on a yearly basis.
    • Hence a new tax on capital gains from the sale of stocks and real estate.
    • Keeping taxes low on capital gains and dividends fosters investment and economic growth.
    • If you're investing primarily to generate capital gains, your interest could be disallowed.
    • If the bond goes up in price and you sell it, the profit will be treated as capital gains and taxed accordingly.
    • For tax purposes these dividends are treated as either income or capital gains.
    • Investors did not have to pay tax each year on any income or capital gains made on investments, which used to be the case.
    • In the US the focus in investing is almost totally on capital gains rather than dividends.
    • The primary residence exclusion means that most capital gains on the sale of a home will not be subject to CGT.
    • Only a few investors claimed capital gains last year, and most of them were lying.
    • Residents are not liable to pay any tax on personal income, capital gains, property or wealth.
    • In addition, funds distribute their capital gains to investors, who have to pay taxes on them.
    • Also, revenue from taxes on capital gains has plummeted because of the downturn on Wall Street.
    • It would eliminate all estate taxes, as well as taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains.
    • Furthermore these trackers can be tucked away in an ISA, which protects the investment from any capital gains.
    • Tax rebates for dividends and capital gains will help reduce the cost of equity for companies in the knowledge sector.
    • The capital gains made from the investment are likely to remain tax-free as long as they are retained in the scheme.
    • Dividends and capital gains are also exempt from the Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    • Investors, no longer able to count on capital gains, are also demanding more secure returns.