Traducción de carbon footprint en Español:

carbon footprint

impacto de carbono, n.



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    impacto de carbono masculino
    huella de carbono femenino
    • If it's not available through your utility, you can still buy credits online to offset your carbon footprint.
    • Reducing our carbon footprint would mean giving up, not merely our SUVs, but many of the little things Americans enjoy.
    • In the U.K., the CarbonNeutral Company works with banks and building societies to offer a carbon-neutral mortgage, which provides for the planting of enough trees to cover the carbon footprint of the home and lifestyle of its occupants.
    • Think of your carbon footprint and say an environmentally friendly ‘no’ to patio heaters.
    • In this world, the idea that the personal is political was not about one's carbon footprint or concerns about eating meat or using pesticides in the garden.
    • Yes, disposing of a perfectly good appliance is not great for your carbon footprint.
    • There will be significant planning issues but we are determined to reduce our carbon footprint.