Traducción de career en Español:


carrera, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈrɪə//kəˈrɪr/


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    carrera femenino
    he made a career for himself in journalism / as a journalist se forjó una carrera en el periodismo / como periodista
    • before noun careers adviser or (British) careers counsellor orientadora (profesional)
    • careers office oficina de orientación profesional
    • career path trayectoria profesional
    • career guidance orientación vocacional
    • career diplomat diplomática de carrera
    • career girl/woman mujer de carrera
    • Its goal is to get Waterloo students thinking about the opportunities a career in the tax field creates for them.
    • She knew she would be retiring shortly from the Royal Ballet and welcomed the opportunity to diversify her career.
    • Teaching is recognized as a career with unique opportunities and satisfying experiences.
    • You decide to take on new opportunities that enhance your career.
    • It kind of solidifies the buzz around your career and makes more opportunities open to you.
    • Students were also given the opportunity to discuss careers with the regiment team.
    • This could benefit the stream of outgoing students in their hunt for new careers and novel opportunities.
    • Visitors will be able to pick and choose from the hundreds of available careers and training opportunities.
    • In keeping with tradition, our February issue focuses on careers and opportunities.
    • The son of a wig maker, Lallemand saw a military career as an opportunity for social advancement.
    • After 11 years of internal medicine and cardiology, he opted for a career in occupational medicine.
    • This symposium will discuss some of the careers and opportunities in biotechnology.
    • You should also contact your local careers office/centre for information and advice on careers and learning opportunities.
    • Because people now tend to have multiple careers, this transition period could come at any age.
    • Now, he says, he wants to give other youngsters an opportunity of a glittering career, too.
    • So Jan seized the opportunity for a new career as a tour manager, helping groups of tourists get the most out of their holidays.
    • There are some careers where a significant surname is all you need - being an aristocrat, for example.
    • As a young man David McInroy had to come to terms with the fact he was not destined for a career as a professional footballer.
    • After all, most professionals choose their career; they act under their own volition.
    • Having more control over their careers and financial opportunities is within their grasp.

verbo intransitivo

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    ir a toda velocidad
    a truck careered toward us un camión se nos vino encima a toda velocidad
    • It hit a kerb and lamp post before careering back across Meggeson Avenue, crashing into the parked cars and overturning.
    • This simulated emergency braking and showed how, without ESP the car careered all over the road with much more potential to cause damage.
    • The car careered down the road and hit a chestnut tree head-on.
    • A judge at Bradford Crown Court yesterday watched amateur video footage of the Fiesta as it sped along the road before careering into crowds of people lining the race route.
    • The car careered into a bank on one side of the road rebounding off the bank and throwing both Jarrott and his companion out of the vehicle.
    • The operation simulated a high speed train - which had jumped a red light - careering into a car on a level crossing.
    • He careered into seven parked cars, at one point mounting the side of a vehicle and driving on only two wheels, before coming to a halt.
    • However the longer route has to be taken as they won't fit down the side of the house this way, so it's out through one gate and in through another hoping not to meet a car careering down the road in the process.
    • High speed cost a new driver his life when his car careered out of control and struck a tree, a North Yorkshire inquest was told.
    • Three men were rushed to hospital after a stock car careered off a track and ploughed into two of them them during a Sunday race meeting.
    • It careered onto the median and struck the car, bursting into flames.
    • He rose but careered wildly into the ropes and his tenure as champion was over.
    • A woman was killed and a man injured yesterday when their car careered off the road and smashed into a tree.
    • The tires screeched nosily on the road as it careered across going into the path of other cars.
    • The car careered off the road and overturned on a number of occasions.
    • Twelve miles later, a tyre blew and the lorry careered off the road and into a tree.
    • He was delivering a truckload of glass panes when he careered off the road between Chiseldon and Liddington yesterday.
    • The vehicle careered off the road, and landed on its side in a field.
    • He remembered the car careering off the road, ploughing through a hedge and rolling over a couple of times.
    • A police spokesman said the car careered off the road and crashed into a small roadside stone wall before overturning.