Traducción de carry en español:


llevar, v.

Pronunciación: /ˈkɛri//ˈkari/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(bear, take)

      (book/case) llevar
      help me carry this into the hall ayúdame a llevar esto a la sala
      • I can't carry this, it's too heavy no puedo cargar con esto, pesa demasiado
      • she was carrying her baby in her arms llevaba a su hijo en brazos
      • we half carried, half dragged him toward the exit lo llevamos casi a rastras hacia la salida
      • I've been carrying the book around for weeks llevo semanas con el libro a cuestas
      • They knew they'd have to move fast and carry the wounded men back, so they didn't want to take along any more weight than necessary.
      • They have never known how much fun can be had simply by watching your caddy struggle to carry two golf bags, a cooler box, a portable braai and two hunting rifles.
      • Two people brought him, carrying him and helping him along, wrapped in a thick plaid blanket that we took off.
      • The two wounded demonstrators were carried by people near them to nearby houses.
      • Most people carried their groceries, or came prepared with their own carts.
      • I have a false leg now but it takes me a while to move around and carrying things is difficult.
      • When one went down, the other picked him up and carried him wounded.
      • He quickly moves off, carrying a sack of candles with him.
      • There were a lot of people carrying others into rescue transport vehicles.
      • He bandaged the man's wounds and carried him to an inn where he nursed him through the night.
      • Finally I woke up being carried from the train by my father in the dark.
      • He carried her into the medic tent and gently laid her on one of the cots.
      • Sure enough, there was a white moving van and people carrying boxes to the house.
      • At the end of the service the coffin is being carried out when it is accidentally bumped against a wall.
      • Often unsure, he seems to rely on Lucky for more than just fetching his stool and carrying his bag.
      • Shrugging, Cameron picked up the luggage and carried it as they moved through the lobby.
      • The teenager was carrying a surfboard and moved on quickly.
      • The first job on washday was to carry water from the pump, and heat in huge vats on the stove.
      • Her people had to carry water from a meagre source three ridges away.
      • Back to bucket carrying on the course - people are still not obeying a rule which applies to golfers carrying their golf bags.

    • 1.2(have with one)

      llevar encima
      he never carries any money nunca lleva dinero encima
      • As if that's not enough to bring the whole party down, one of the politicians also carries a terrible medical secret.
      • They are stubborn enough to carry their grudges a long time.
      • Many BPO personnel do not carry mobile phones in their pockets and whip them out when it rings.
      • From his correspondence, the guilt he carried became obvious.
      • In my day we wore medium-grey suits and school ties, and carried just enough money for the bus fare home.
      • In Basra, satellite dishes have sprung up on many homes, there are luxury cars on the roads and ordinary people now carry mobile phones.
      • PC Weston added the police would not seize people for simply carrying bottles of beer or wine in the street.
      • So be very careful about what information you carry around in your wallet.
      • I know there are the big fold out credit card wallets but I'm running out of pockets and I can't quite bring myself to carry a handbag.
      • I carry a donor card, and I'm certain that when you die, that's it.
      • The story is told through three sisters who still carry the effects, wounds and insecurities of a broken home and childhoods that lacked any real parenting.
      • The deeply spiritual actress makes no secret of the fact that wherever she goes she carries a small, gold amulet - a gift from her Guru in Malaysia and a potent symbol of his protection.
      • Keeping an eye on belongings is a hassle for those venturing out for the first time, but they soon learn that the secret is to travel light, and carry nothing except essentials.
      • As ever more people carry bank cards instead of cash in their wallets, thieves have shifted their attention to the small but expensive mobile phones.
      • He said it was ‘very unusual’ for someone to be carrying such a large amount of money.
      • Of course, it also helps if you put your name and contact information on everything you carry.
      • Many people today carry a range of portable electronic devices, each with its own keypad, speaker, display, processing unit and power supply.
      • However, millions of people carry other premium credit and charge cards.
      • People carry their phones with them everywhere.
      • The visual processing power we carry around with us is enormous, and the right image can go a long way to prove a key point or leave a lasting impression on a colleague.

    • 1.3(be provided with)

      our products carry a five-year guarantee nuestros productos tienen una garantía de cinco años
      • the symbol is carried on the firm's trucks los camiones tienen / llevan el símbolo de la compañía
      • every pack carries the logo of the company todos los paquetes vienen con / traen el logotipo de la compañía
      • the ships carry nuclear weapons los buques están equipados con / dotados de armas nucleares
      • nowadays the word carries sinister overtones hoy en día la palabra conlleva / tiene connotaciones siniestras
      • Realize that every mistake carries with it a negative consequence.
      • Once again, this strategic shift in direction carried both costs and benefits.
      • Despite being placed at the start of the season this tournament carries the largest prize money of any junior tournament in Ireland or England.
      • The former lord chancellor notes that the bill carries with it the worst of unintended consequences.
      • However, the incident was spotted by referee Mike Riley who sent him off for violent conduct which carries with it an automatic three-match penalty.
      • I am conscious that the color of my skin carries privilege that may wound, a lightness that can betray.
      • It was introduced because we identified a consumer need for a low-carbohydrate and low calorie beer that still has a taste refined enough to carry the Michelob family name.
      • A burst aneurysm carries a 90 per cent death rate and is the third most common cause of sudden death in the UK.
      • But the new strategic move carries significant risk.
      • The trains, which all carry the name Thameslink Cityflier, were expected to offer a full service by today.
      • Farmers, advocates and ordinary shoppers all share the view that organics' move to the mainstream carries both benefits and risks.
      • The process carries with it ethical implications - for example, loss of researchers' time and impairments in the quality of data collected.
      • It is also the option that carries the greatest future risk to the provision of local services.
      • All handguns are banned and illegal possession of a firearm now carries a mandatory five-year sentence.
      • But for any product carrying the Perry's brand name, the mix is vat pasteurized.
      • Such moves carry the potential for a ‘dangerous, objectionable and foolish response’ from China, he said.
      • And anything a school administrator bans carries with it the implicit threat of discipline. One student reports being threatened with expulsion, the principal denies it.
      • Screening a patient for an illness carries with it the implicit promise that we can make a difference by treating the illness.
      • All of their windows carry a ten-year guarantee.
      • Thus, the experience of being rejected by peers carries with it a set of experiences and consequences that contribute to subsequent conduct problems.
      • Such a move would be unprecedented in American history, and carries considerable political risk.
      • Nonetheless, out-of-wedlock pregnancy continued to carry a very significant stigma.
      • Both the ThinkPad and Latitude carry Pentium M branding; the Toshiba is a full Centrino product.
      • Meanwhile, it emerged that failing to tell the Government when you move house will carry a fine of up to £1,000 under Mr Blunkett's identity card plans.

    • 1.4(be pregnant with)

      when I was carrying my first child cuando esperaba a mi primer hijo
      • But first lets get an update on our baby twins who were carried by a surrogate.
      • Kate and Richard both denied that the twins she carried were his but everyone knew that it was the case.
      • According to their testimony, they didn't want to have the twins she was carrying.
      • He is a good friend of the couple and is the father of the twins the woman is carrying by in vitro fertilization.
      • I was carrying a bigger baby than in my previous pregnancies.

  • 2

    • 2.1(convey)

      (goods/passengers) llevar
      (goods/passengers) transportar
      (goods/passengers) acarrear
      the car can carry four people el coche tiene cabida para cuatro personas
      • she was carried along by the crowd fue arrastrada por la multitud
      • as fast as his legs would carry him a todo lo que daba
      • Tragedy struck when the transport ship carrying the 33 children crashed.
      • Several lorries would be required to carry the mail which is now carried in one train.
      • European ships and the people they carried brought previously unknown diseases to the Americas and the Pacific.
      • The fleet carries passengers across the West Yorkshire network from Leeds to destinations including York, Harrogate and Sheffield.
      • On and on and on they marched, until finally there came a stream of carts and wagons carrying supplies and parts of instruments of siege.
      • Charter planes carry freight, fresh produce, staff and equipment but no commercial fish product.
      • With its low-slung frame, the truck can be carried aboard military transport planes and deployed anywhere in the world.
      • The train carrying the Cork team to Dublin constantly ran out of steam and tedious journeys of nine hours became the norm.
      • It carries 27,000 commuters daily and sells about 14,000 annual season tickets.
      • The ambulance carrying the body moved away slowly, as he walked under the crime scene tape.
      • Magistrates heard how hours before one of his friends was allegedly knocked down by a van carrying Ipswich fans.
      • A van driver suspected of illegally carrying waste materials and then dumping the mess could have their truck crushed unless they admit to being the owner.
      • The Air Force offloaded the airplanes carrying supplies and brought the cargo to the central receiving point.
      • The bus was carrying retired workers - mainly women - from a clothing factory.
      • It seemed obvious that not all ten billion people could leave - there just weren't enough ships to carry everyone.
      • It was led by the pipe band followed by an open top car carrying the Carnival Queen and the Lord Mayor.
      • Towing trailers allows the combat systems to move forward carrying critical supplies.
      • They also kept cattle, which were used as transport to carry bedding and supplies between settlements.
      • The Mughal army was known to have hundreds of carts carrying cushions and carpets for the tents of the monarch.
      • A bus carrying the players left the sports stadium mid-afternoon.

    • 2.2(channel, transmit)

      (water/sewage/oil) llevar
      blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body la sangre lleva el oxígeno a todas las partes del cuerpo
      • overhead cables carry 10,000 volts por los cables aéreos pasa una corriente de 10.000 voltios
      • the wind carried her voice to him el viento le hizo llegar su voz

    • 2.3

      (disease) ser portador de
      foxes carry the virus los zorros son portadores del virus
      • One theory suggested by medical investigators is that infected people may carry the disease without suffering extreme symptoms.
      • Cats carry the disease Toxoplasmosis, which can be transmitted to the bandicoots and is often fatal.
      • The problem also has serious implications for all who use the Scottish hills, including walkers and climbers, since some ticks carry the dangerous Lyme disease.
      • Scientists say that one in every three ticks carries Lyme disease, so a decrease in tick numbers could have a significant effect on reducing the illness in humans.
      • If a patient carries an infectious disease, for example, then a doctor might put the interest of the community above that of the individual concerned and have the patient forcibly quarantined.
      • Pigeons carry 60 very nasty diseases as well as ruining our buildings and dirtying our pavements with their droppings.
      • However, no matter where you live, check for ticks often, because they carry several harmful diseases.
      • Fleas and ticks can carry diseases that may be easily passed to children.
      • It is possible to do a genetic test on an unborn baby early in pregnancy, if one of the parents carries the Huntington's disease.
      • Like dengue, which is also carried by mosquitoes, there is no treatment for the disease.
      • Insects and the diseases they carry have always accounted for too many casualties during wartime.
      • It spread among towns, carried by animals, and could infect anyone at any time, in any way.
      • Domestic dogs carry and transmit human diseases, including viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases.
      • In some parts of the country ticks may carry a bacterial infection which can cause Lyme disease in an infected person.
      • One of every five people carry a sexually transmitted disease in the United States.
      • Condoms work by preventing contact between body fluids which carry sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
      • Increasing temperatures will aid the spread of water-borne diseases, and those carried by insects, it predicts.
      • We'd like to let you have those vines growing in Australia, but it can't be done, they might be carrying infectious plant diseases.
      • Foxes also carry and transmit several diseases, eat and spread seeds from noxious weeds, and kill livestock.
      • Others carry deadly diseases like malaria, encephalitis and yellow fever.

    • 2.4

      to carry conviction convencer
      • as a witness, she doesn't carry conviction como testigo no es convincente / no convence
      • No candidate has won the popular vote without carrying Roman Catholics.
      • The Chancellor of the Exchequer appears to have carried the Cabinet in his opposition to such a step.
      • He was doing everything right. Yet he lost, failing even to carry the voters who elected him twice as mayor.
      • It is impossible to conjecture what might have happened, had the Governor-General failed to carry the electorate with him at this crisis.

  • 3

    • 3.1(support)

      (weight) soportar
      (weight) resistir
      • Here you'll find the Green Bridge, a Millennium funded project which is actually a yellow bridge carrying Mile End Park over the main road.
      • Huge precast concrete beams which will carry the A64 over a new underpass at Copmanthorpe, near York, were hoisted into place yesterday.
      • This was after all the legendary Green Bridge that carries Mile End Park over the busy A11, complete with grass and trees.
      • Meanwhile, plans were being finalised yesterday for the placing of massive 90-tonne beams to carry a flyover over the Kinsale Road roundabout.
      • Of the 10 York bridges which carry roads over railway tracks, six cross the East Coast main line, two cross the Scarborough line and two cross the Harrogate line.
      • It is a quite a high bridge and it looks as if it may carry a road over a stream.
      • Women skilfully carry heavy loads on their heads.
      • It did not look sturdy enough to carry both Katrina and I at once.
      • The entire body weight is thus carried by the thumbs and the big toe, even as the bones of the rest of the body are cracking with pain.
      • The Queen Elizabeth team designed Howards Aqueduct, to carry the canal over the A590 dual carriageway.
      • This shape allowed a much greater weight to be carried when compared to a Norman rounded arch.
      • And where the canal had been reduced to a mere pipeline, new bridges were built to carry walkers over the now brimming waterway.
      • The retired health and safety officer and governor of Ashchurch Primary School was looking at a display of the proposals for the new bridge and associated road works to carry the A6 over the railway line at Ashchurch.
      • A three-span bridge will carry the road over Semington Brook and an aqueduct will be built to take the Kennet and Avon canal over the bypass.
      • First, below the lowest terrace, four piers carry much of the weight of the first floor.
      • Because one side of his body is stronger or more dominant than the other, a horse also tends to carry a little more weight on one front foot than on the other.
      • Many new concrete structures are designed to include long spans and carry heavy loads.
      • For those with osteo-arthiritis, she suggests swimming and water exercises, because in the water one does not have to carry one's body weight.
      • It has long meant a story told in a hundred words: a structure as light and strong as a balloon that can carry its own weight a thousand times over.
      • When I had taken all the firewood creme de la creme the van could way beyond reasonably carry, I inched on up to the house and added it all to the pile.

    • 3.2(take responsibility for)

      (blame/cost) cargar con
      • These leaders who are responsible for misleading the multitudes must carry the blame when an uncontrollable political upheaval ensues.
      • Her friends say she shouldn't carry any significant blame.
      • Every individual carries a certain mutual responsibility to carry out these tasks according to his or her abilities.
      • The people who do the most important work and carry the biggest responsibility have to receive the largest remuneration, too.
      • He knows that he carries much of the responsibility for his latest club's current underachievement.
      • He must carry responsibility for the decision that may well have cost them the match.
      • Gaelic football is a massive commitment for every player but a midfielder carries the greatest responsibility of all.
      • This part of the judgment is concerned with an assessment of the degree of responsibility which the company must carry for that loss.
      • It requires that all trials have a single sponsor, who carries full responsibility and liability, including covering the costs of all drugs or devices used in a study.
      • The Government must carry the blame for big council tax increases.
      • The root causes of crime are to a large extent social, and in one sense we all carry some of the blame for them.
      • We have to accept the responsibility that we carry as a great power to help those who need it.
      • She said colleges should carry the blame for the dull way they taught catering.
      • Sewing machine and fabric store owners carry an even higher responsibility and have more at stake.
      • Alpha females should carry some of the blame for their unwanted single status.
      • He should carry some of the blame for that too.
      • And he says the apathy of drivers, who have been unwilling to help since the foot and mouth epidemic two years ago, must carry some of the blame.
      • The media should carry social responsibilities.
      • Well the newspaper must carry some responsibility here.
      • No faith can be defined by its fringes, but every faith must carry some responsibility for its extremists.

    • 3.3(sustain)

      the lead actress carried the play la protagonista sacó la obra adelante
      • we can't afford to carry any passengers no nos podemos permitir el lujo de tener gente que no produzca
      • Unfortunately the mystery is not suspenseful or for that matter interesting enough to carry the plot on it's own.
      • The fans help carry the game.
      • While the lyrics have the potential to carry the album on their own, the music elevates it to a far greater level.
      • The actress seems to be carrying the whole movie on her own; the performances of the other players are not disappointing, but they lack a suitable script to develop their characters.
      • Unfortunately none of the other characters were funny enough to carry the show.
      • Cheadle is a likeable actor who has done good work in the past, but he has yet to carry a movie on the strength of his performance.
      • Though she is a good enough actress to carry the show on her strong shoulders, she's surrounded by a great cast and characters.

  • 4

    (involve, entail)
    (responsibility) conllevar
    (consequences) acarrear
    (consequences) traer aparejado
    crimes of this nature carry a high penalty este tipo de delito trae aparejada una pena grave
    • this account carries 10% interest esta cuenta produce / da un interés del 10%
    • each question carries 10 points cada una de las preguntas vale 10 puntos
    • the measure carries the threat of job losses la medida encierra la amenaza de la pérdida de puestos de trabajo
  • 5

    (extend, continue)
    if we carry this line further si prolongamos esta recta
    • the fighting was carried over the border la lucha se extendió más allá de la frontera
    • never carry a diet too far no hay que exagerar con los regímenes
    • that's carrying matters too far eso es llevar las cosas demasiado lejos
  • 6

    • 6.1(gain support for)

      (bill/motion) aprobar
      she carried her point hizo prevalecer su argumento
      • The decision was bitterly controversial and was carried by Republican Party majorities alone.
      • Their proposal requires a two-thirds majority - eight votes - to be carried.
      • Amendments were lost and the motion that all negotiations be broken off was carried with nine votes for and three against.
      • The motion was then put to the meeting and carried by fifteen votes to three with five abstentions.
      • The Referendum looks on course to receive a big Yes vote and be carried with relative ease.
      • Doctors are tomorrow expected to agree a date for a ballot, which is likely to be carried by a strong majority.
      • The substantive motion was then voted on, and carried by a massive majority.
      • In the event a motion to continue was carried by three votes.
      • Both bills were vigorously contested by the opposition but carried by large majorities.
      • Following an amount of bickering a vote was taken on the amendment and was carried by five votes to one.
      • All other appeals are to be formally debated and carried by a vote of the entire workforce through a secret ballot.
      • If member states had agreed that the treaty could be carried by a majority vote, that would be one thing.

    • 6.2Política

      (city/constituency) hacerse con
      to carry all before one
      • she arrived in Washington, carrying all before her llegó a Washington, arrasando con todo
      • the new model has carried all before it el nuevo modelo ha arrasado con la competencia

  • 7

    • 7.1(stock)

      (model) tener
      (model) vender
      • Many large grocery stores and specialty foods stores carry ready-to-eat, gluten-free grain products.
      • The store in Manchester carries the most stock, I believe?
      • It also has a water sports shop that carries everything you need to purchase or rent for water fun activities, and can also arrange for water skiing or kayak rental.
      • Online bridal stores also carry the latest styles with the most competitive and reasonable prices.
      • On the other hand, many health food stores carry treats made from whole grain flours, organic vegetables and oils.
      • There may be a few high-end stores carrying some previously unavailable rare items, but most stores today carry mainly standard brands and little stock.
      • Even if that store doesn't carry what you want, the buyer should know where to find it.
      • Now, large supermarkets carry as many as 20,000 different food items on their shelves.
      • The shop carries four exclusive cosmetic ranges.
      • It will continue to stock its usual range of goods, but will also carry a wider range of Fairtrade and organic lines.
      • You can find tart cherry juice in health-food stores and many supermarkets, while gourmet stores often carry dried cherries.
      • If you can pay a little more, department stores carry popular (and, yes, more expensive) scents.
      • We carry the largest stock of antique silver in the country.
      • This meant that their tapes would be carried by chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart.
      • Most craft stores carry plain wooden file boxes for painting and decorating.
      • Most health food stores carry at least one brand and you can probably find it online. There are two main types of coconut oil.
      • All of these stores carry everything you could need in organic produce and groceries.
      • Many grocery stores are carrying buffalo these days, so be sure to ask.
      • Many grocery stores carry or will order pure sauerkraut juice.
      • Many supermarkets now carry organic tinned pulses that are an excellent option.

    • 7.2Periodismo

      (story/interview/letter) traer
      (letter/interview/story) publicar
      • Be sure to become familiar with the type of news the newspaper or stations carry.
      • Satellite television carries cricket, football and rugby every day of every week.
      • If you live in a large city, your local newspaper may carry advertisements for clinical trials at nearby research centers.
      • Most of the main daily newspapers carried straight reports of the event, which drew thousands onto the streets of Dublin on Sunday.
      • I'll see whether any of the mainstream newspapers have carried a more detailed report.
      • The newspapers have carried news agency reports of the New York Times article in their inside pages.
      • The local radio station carried hourly reports of the event, and thousands of people from across the region have signed petitions.
      • The Times newspaper carried an article today about music played at funerals.
      • By the next day the press had got wind of the story and the newspapers were carrying stories about the teenager who was going to launch an airline.
      • Yesterday state newspapers carried only brief reports of his death.
      • After all, if it wasn't in the public interest, why did newspapers carry the story or print his letter?
      • Newspapers and radio stations will carry adverts warning that the drug is harmful to health.
      • Television stations that carry investigative programs should also be given more leeway to pursue stories at different levels.
      • The new deal ensures that commentary from every league and cup match can be carried by the station.
      • BBC Radio 4 and radio news bulletins will also carry similar coverage throughout the day.
      • Newspapers yesterday carried reports of a string of other women who claim to have had relations with the England captain.
      • The British press and wire services carried a far different and more complex story.
      • A few newspapers did carry the story but wildly distorted the facts, greatly upsetting the brothers.
      • Each of the five stations will carry BBC World Service's news, science, music and cultural programmes.
      • Racing was the chief betting sport, the newspapers carrying detailed accounts of the odds and the results.

  • 8

    (of bearing)
    to carry one's head erect llevar la cabeza erguida
  • 9

    carry 1 (me) llevo 1

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    (in bearing)
    she carries herself well tiene buen porte
  • 2

    she carried herself well in a difficult situation supo desenvolverse bien en una situación difícil

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    sound carries further in the mountains en la montaña los sonidos llegan más lejos
    • her voice carries well su voz tiene mucha proyección
    • the arrow carried beyond the target la flecha siguió más allá del blanco