Traducción de cascade en Español:


cascada, n.

Pronunciación /kæˈskeɪd//kasˈkeɪd/


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    cascada femenino
    water flowed off the roof in a cascade el agua caía del tejado en cascada
    • At the 20-sqm site, naked bathers can stand, sit or lie in the spring under a series of cascades flowing down the mountain.
    • YS Falls is a breathtaking series of cascades fringed by rainforest foliage where you can plunge right in to refreshing pools.
    • The air was fresh, yet warm for the season of the year and scented with leaves, earth and cool water falling down in glimmering cascades.
    • The end of the road for most expeditions comes at New's Pools, a series of cascades at 7,500 feet.
    • It also contains a series of waterfalls and cascades to further enhance the beauty of a hole that is certain to generate a lot of comment throughout the week.
    • All the while the North Fork of the Crystal is our companion, running full and proud, bursting down a series of cascades in a display straight out of a wilderness dream.
    • Small waterfalls and cascades are good for this, as they provide many different compositions within a small area.
    • Straight away you get the Redmire Force waterfall, a series of cascades across the wide flow.
    • The premier attraction of Ocho Rios - and probably of the entire island - drops 600 feet to the seacoast in a series of cascades two miles west of the town centre.
    • The park will also have cascades and waterfalls to provide a cool, relaxing place to nearly 280 families of army personnel.
    • Shunmin adds that even the high waterfalls from the peaks of Mt. Hua or the rushing cascades of Mt. Luliang cannot be compared to the humble water mill, because the mill takes so little and gives so much.
    • A man made rock face rising 60 feet out of the lake that borders the right side of the fairway has been created complete with a series of waterfalls and cascades that lead to a heavily bunkered green.
    • We headed off down Pierce's Passage and over a muddy boulder slope until we reached some cascades.
    • Miniature ravines, waterfalls and cascades created effervescent sounds as the water gushed between the rocks.
    • The water falls from the cliff about 2.5 miles long and makes some 275 individual cascades and waterfalls.
    • The aquatic plants typically grow on rocks in cascades, waterfalls and rapids where there are great seasonal fluctuations in river water levels.
    • There were other falls, other cascades and exciting spurts of white water in the canyon, and also quiet stretches so clear that each stone lay as if painted on the creek bed.
    • Tumbling down slopes near Wawona at the south end of the park, Chilnualna Creek - at its fattest and fastest this time of year - creates a series of foaming cascades around giant boulders.
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    (of coins, sparks)
    cascada femenino
    lluvia femenino
    a cascade of abuse un torrente de insultos
    • her curls hung in cascades to her shoulders los rizos le caían en cascada sobre los hombros
    • Her hair curled into a beautiful cascade on her bare shoulders.
    • Where Antilla had a red cascade of curls, Dyana's hair was midnight black and waved gently.
    • Her hair gleams red - Tristan can't tell if it's natural, or if the overhead lights are helping turn it that remarkable shade of copper-gold - and cascades in curls and waves down her back.
    • Aaralyn came a second later, wearing a black version of Ilandere's dress, hair pinned back in a cascade of ebony curls.
    • A string of pearls tinged pink sat at her throat and her hair was artfully done in a cascade of curls.
    • Tayib caught the cascade of Marissa's long red curls in his hands, feeling the softness of her locks.
    • And there were stands of shrubs that seemed loaded with dark red nodules that looked to be very hard, and others with flowers from which a cascade of tiny black bulbs hung from white tendrils.
    • Seething, Eden slammed her hands onto the table, her cascade of red curls falling across the front of her shoulders.
    • Lashana sighed and hung her head, letting her hair cascade down to hide her face.
    • The windows themselves had faded white painted frames with rotting wood and green mildew and hanging baskets with spring flowers flowing out creating a pink cascade.
    • Louisa walked up the aisle in a lavish full-length dress that featured a cascade of layers of pink tulle.
    • Of course, the long cascade of heavy hair that hung around her, blue and motionless as the walls, might have something to do with that, too.
    • Suddenly a door slammed and a cascade of bougainvillea quivered.
    • Aleena brushed her hair out of her eyes; the red cascade had freed itself from her pony and now hung around her face in soft red locks.
    • I took out the formal bun in her hair, and in less than a half an hour she had cascades of rich curls, and her black hair became shiny.
    • She had the hazel, walnut eyes under thick lashes, shoulder-length dark brunette hair that fell in a cascade of natural curls, and a slightly crooked smile that made guys melt.
    • The high ceiling was draped in more curtains, hanging down in billowing cascades of color.
    • Bougainvillea cascades, aromas waft, music and laughter fill the air.
    • Then, she gathered her hair into a pony-tail, flipped it around, and fastened it to the back of her head so it spilled over the clip in a cascade of soft blonde curls.
    • Outside, bougainvillea in full bloom cascades down a wall beside a pool.

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