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Pronunciación /ˈkeɪsˌwərk//ˈkeɪswəːk/


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    • She had personally verified about 2,000 casualties through painstaking casework, although she knew these were just the tip of the iceberg.
    • They finally got an entirely new computer system based on casework needs and realities rather than the antiquated rubbish that had been passed on to them by the Government of the time.
    • First, we wanted to establish ourselves in the ward, to represent people and effectively deal with casework.
    • Social work staff say they are overburdened with casework and worried about not being able to give heroin addicts in the drug court enough support.
    • What I hope to do in the next few weeks, if elected, is to use the notes I have made and set aside time to work on each case study, in a similar fashion to how casework was approached when I worked for an MP.
    • The number of pregnancy-related discrimination cases against employers has doubled in the past 12 months and now account for 10% of all Equality Authority casework files.
    • I frequently hear privately the ideas on the importance of casework of many individuals, some of whom have a great passion for their subject matter.
    • Mr. Hadzi assumed the casework for the family on December 2000.
    • I have enjoyed helping people and the casework but I haven't enjoyed the politics.
    • With the casework approach these people are not treated as though they are a burden on society.
    • Direct action casework has brought victories in winning social benefits, fighting evictions, stopping deportations and winning back pay.
    • Even when I was a full-time professor, I still did the casework so that I could move between two different worlds.
    • The relatively few children placed by the Washington Children's Home Society, the state's major social agency, had incomplete records that testified to inferior casework.
    • Since then police have interviewed hundreds of witnesses and the gathered evidence has been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service casework directorate in York.
    • Mr McFarlane said: ‘A lot of our casework is down to dysfunctional families and lack of parental supervision.’
    • The most urgent area of casework is generally on the arrests front.
    • The charges follow a joint investigation by West Yorkshire police and the Crown Prosecution Service casework directorate.
    • Recent listed buildings casework has included industrial and domestic buildings and a Georgian bridge.
    • Using evidence from our listed buildings casework, we pointed out that pressure on listed agricultural and industrial buildings is far higher than on listed buildings as a whole, and this is getting worse for the industrial heritage.

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