Traducción de cash crop en Español:

cash crop

cultivo industrial, n.


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    cultivo industrial masculino
    cultivo comercial masculino
    • Corn is, in America today, our biggest cash crop.
    • Part of the development of the pasture included the growth of barley and oats as a cash crop.
    • Conservation practices are important in growing cotton - a primary cash crop for early U.S. settlers.
    • Carrots are the main cash crop on Huber's 400-acre farm, and he produces 80 percent of his own seed to insure quality and availability.
    • By now, it is a well-known fact to every Zambian farmer that if grown as a cash crop, tomato is capable of paying back handsomely for a farmer's labour.
    • As a cash crop, cattle encouraged ranchers to practise ruthless predator control, killing bears, bobcats and mountain lions.
    • She pledged additional aid to ease the burden on Afghan farmers forced to give up their one cash crop.
    • It is an ideal cash crop for rural farmers in wildlife infested areas, as it is unpalatable to wildlife and therefore is not prone to crop damage.
    • Also consider your need for extra alfalfa or its value as a cash crop.
    • Flowers became a good cash crop and they soon became skilled growers, their specialty being sweet peas which customers acclaimed for their fragrance and beauty.
    • Blueberries are now replacing tobacco as the No.1 cash crop in some farm states such as North Carolina.
    • Where adapted, it is unmatched by any other forage as a feed for livestock, as a cash crop, and as an energy-efficient crop.
    • Biofuel offers a cash crop for farmers and a way for communities to take control of their energy needs while helping the environment and decreasing dependence on foreign oil.
    • In all reality, alfalfa is the only cash crop produced in the county this year, since corn and soybean profit will be derived from government payments.
    • Today, the major staple throughout Kenya is maize, which is an important cash crop as well.
    • Switchgrass is another product that could produce power for utilities and serve as a new cash crop.
    • Soya has become the cash crop for half of Argentina's arable land, more than 11m hectares, most situated on fragile pampas lands on the vast plains.
    • Unfortunately, times have changed and although the farmers still want the dung, they do not want the nomad's herds eating the cash crop standing between them and financial ruin.
    • An excellent example of the benefits is cocoa, a critical cash crop for small farmers in many tropical nations.
    • He added that the promotion of indigenous grains as cash crops was meant to bring money to the communal farmers but he was quick to add that the crops would not overtake maize as a major cash crop.