Traducción de castoff en Español:


ropa desechada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑːstɒf//ˈkæstɑf/


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    ropa desechada femenino
    she gave me her castoffs me dio la ropa que ya no quería
    • he's one of her castoffs es uno de los que ha plantado
    • We do not believe supporters want to see the cast-offs from larger clubs playing for their own clubs.
    • The Australian lamb industry was historically supplied by the cast-offs of the wool industry.
    • A Blackpool pensioner famed for his love of cast-offs has hit back at council claims he is using a private plot of land as a dumping ground for his ‘collection’.
    • It is worth remembering that the people who fought for liberation in the decades after the Second World War wanted what the developed world had, not shoddy cast-offs.
    • Then a young girl, dressed in the flashy cast-offs of the second - hand, observes her.
    • Dressed usually in her mistress's cast-offs from yesteryears of fashion, she nevertheless lent a personal touch to each garment.
    • His indifference to cars was also reflected in the fact that as a young actor trying to make his way in London he was forced to make do with whatever was available - invariably the cast-offs of other actors.
    • So those earliest families that settled used scrap wood, often cast-offs from construction, to build little shacks.
    • Country football is littered with the cast-offs from the elite leagues.
    • Finding one of these cast-offs is like finding my grandmother's favourite sweater.
    • The photos are cast-offs from photo booths around Paris.
    • Recycling for profit is one thing, but when no money changes hands, other people's cast-offs are less desirable.
    • I feel like something flung together at the last minute, something made out of jumble sale cast-offs and things won at fairgrounds.
    • About a third of the paintings in the collection are student donations or Ruskin cast-offs and have a distinctly youthful and accessible appeal that helps many of them to find a home each year.
    • When times are hard or not so, rummaging through other people's (and I have to admit sometimes dead people's) cast-offs and unwanted novelty kitchen items is a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
    • He drives off, leaving his bags of rubbish, old fridges and washing machines, mattresses, paint tins and a choice of cast-offs behind.
    • All our furniture was second-hand: cast-offs and goodwill presents from our friends in Chicago.
    • Of course, makeshift shelters have been fashioned from transport-industry cast-offs for decades, with railway carriages used as extra bedrooms and old vans used as chicken coops.
    • They were made in southern Africa from recycled oil drums, unwanted cars and cast-offs from the metal industries, making them extremely environmentally friendly.
    • Smith added that the shop received between 20 and 30 bags of cast-offs and unwanted belongings a day.
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