Traducción de castor oil en Español:

castor oil

aceite de ricino, n.


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    aceite de ricino masculino
    aceite (de) castor masculino Cono Sur
    • It is very harmful and hazardous to health when mixed with crude castor oil, industrial palmolein-oil, mineral oils etc.
    • Modified castor oil is now used in the production of urethane plastics, inks, rubber and other synthetic products.
    • Also, if you will be receiving this medicine by injection, tell your health care professional if you are allergic to any other substances, such as castor oil.
    • The products include cashew, castor oil, palm, potato, soybean, green bean, peanut, maize, sweet corn and eucalyptus.
    • One million tons of castor beans are processed to produce castor oil every year and the waste from this process is approximately five per cent ricin.
    • The stimulant laxative castor oil, for example, can cause early labor.
    • As you know, castor oil was once used as a laxative.
    • Mild oily purgatives like castor oil or bulk laxatives such as linseed or psyllium seeds are recommended.
    • Clearly, castor oil was only a temporary measure.
    • People of a certain age remember castor beans as the source of the vile-tasting castor oil, a much-dreaded laxative home remedy.
    • Some readers are enthusiastic about castor oil, while both arnica and comfrey have a long folk tradition of use for bruises.
    • Today, although castor oil is produced more than ever, its medicinal use as a laxative is almost nonexistent.
    • On a negative note, the smell of castor oil, sulphur or cascara spooned down our throats was enough to turn the stomach of the most stalwart.
    • ‘They forced him to drink castor oil,’ Negri explains.
    • Review of the literature indicates that one poorly designed study involving 100 participants studied castor oil versus no treatment.
    • Civil War surgeons began treatment with mild purgatives, such as castor oil, extract of senna, or small doses of calomel.
    • Ricin, one of the deadliest naturally occurring poisons, is derived from castor plant beans, which are grown worldwide to produce castor oil.
    • One person recalls another form of Saturday cleansing - a dose of castor oil or medicine made from senna leaves, or liquorice powder.
    • Agri and allied products showing a substantial increase in exports were rice, pulses, tobacco, spices, nuts and seeds, cashew, guar, gum meal, castor oil and processed food items, an official release said.