Traducción de cataclysm en Español:


cataclismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkatəˌklɪz(ə)m//ˈkædəˌklɪzəm/


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    cataclismo masculino
    • Nor does it take massive destruction or the organic cataclysm of advanced, systemic diseases, to fell us.
    • Thus, the ultimate question of a gradual decline of dinosaurs vs. a sudden cataclysm is almost intractable without a wealth of good data.
    • I guess that every once in a while, we get a huge natural cataclysm to take the wind out of our sails, and to remind us of who's really in charge on this planet.
    • Many have noticed that poorer nations are more severely affected by natural cataclysms than developed nations.
    • Astrophysicists have been trying to detect such ‘gravitational waves,’ but the ripples from all but the, most violent cataclysms in the universe are imperceptible.
    • The moon is made of the debris from the cosmic cataclysm.
    • Uranus and Neptune might have formed at about the time of the suspected cataclysm, and maybe they dragged Kuiper belt objects into collision courses with the other members of the solar system.
    • In fact, their disappearance from the rocky strata was so abrupt that it signalled a cataclysm.
    • These are not the victims of natural cataclysms, these are the victims of human greed for power, violence, stupidity, and of man's destructive impulses.
    • So it seemed wise, even prudent, to seek counsel from the animal kingdom; these multifarious species, many of which predate humankind and have survived cataclysms far worse than our present imaginings.
    • One writer described it as resembling a geological cataclysm.
    • While, the countries of southeast Asia are counting the cost of the cataclysm, their economies are forecast to be further negatively impacted by the loss of tourism revenues.
    • In other recent asteroid collision news, the odds of a cataclysm caused by a asteroid striking the Earth have just been lowered.
    • Meanwhile, across the globe, there are thousands of families like his: slowly rebuilding, trying to make sense of a natural cataclysm which changed their lives forever.
    • The Earth has suffered a massive cataclysm that has forced humanity to return to an incredibly primitive way of life.
    • This is true for many of us in the West who have been truly fortunate to not have experienced any cataclysms for awhile.
    • Some people derived a great deal of excitement from predictions of the cataclysms that would herald the end times.
    • Bearing in mind that over 70 millennia have elapsed since the Toba cataclysm it would be no surprise, statistically speaking, if another super-eruption struck within the next hundred years.