Traducción de catcall en Español:


silbido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkatkɔːl//ˈkætˌkɔl/


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    silbido masculino
    catcalls rechifla femenino
    • In fact, there were cheers and catcalls and laughs scattered throughout the performances - a welcome change from fancy dancy, high-class outings.
    • The band members shouted catcalls at him and the audience boomed ominously in sudden frustration.
    • Pleas for caution and restraint from the minority who still clung to dwindling hopes of agreement were drowned with jeers and catcalls.
    • In one instance her inadequate performance provoked catcalls and derision.
    • And did I notice some very loud catcalls at the end of the second night's set?
    • The jokes, catcalls and rude comments kept coming.
    • She stood in front of the feral slam audience to read her love poems, and the resulting jeers and catcalls convinced her never to go near that scene again.
    • There were a few catcalls and jeers but no takers.
    • [T] he tenacity with which he is standing his ground on this issue, in the teeth of widespread catcalls, ridicule and pressure from so much of the country and the media, is heroic.
    • Enthusiastic youths in the audience kept the atmosphere alive with catcalls, wolf whistles, loud cheers and boisterous shouts, besides the occasional hoot and the intermittent scream.
    • All the panto business that now gets a bad name at international matches - whistles, jeers, catcalls and other animal noises - can come out again, with impunity.
    • The catcalls and whistles were amazingly loud.
    • Once the song ended, the crowd erupted into a loud wave of cheers, whistles, and catcalls.

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