Traducción de cave en Español:


cueva, n.

Pronunciación /keɪv//keɪv/


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    cueva femenino
    • It opens with an old woman relating a mythical tale of people trapped in an underground cave.
    • Bats spend the summer living in trees and buildings, and retreat to caves and potholes in winter, to hibernate.
    • If we all lived underground in caves there would be fewer skin cancers, and if we all moved to Brisbane there would be more.
    • The cave has two main chambers, with a series of galleries and chambers leading off them.
    • Local monks have also taken advantages of the natural caves and have made them part of their temples.
    • The growth rate of stalactites and stalagmites in many caves today is of course quite slow.
    • Many faults have karst features developed along them, with strings of caves visible along the faults.
    • Entry to the caves was through a passage which led to a large chamber filled with water.
    • Karim, dive instructor and owner of Deep South Diving, leads me through a series of caves at the back of the reef.
    • The numerous caves and grottoes were long occupied by Palaeolithic peoples.
    • The coastline is varied, dramatic and rugged, cut with caves, gullies, canyons and sheer cliffs.
    • The Himalayan cave houses an icy stalagmite worshipped as an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva.
    • The rock's many natural caves have been added to over the years by a series of remarkable tunnels.
    • Steven Birch and a small team of archaeologists are excavating a remarkable cave on the Isle of Skye.
    • The cavern is a natural cave carved into the rock by the sea, and widened into an underground canal by human hands.
    • Plato was not describing a real place any more than his allegory of the cave describes a real cave.
    • This produces stalactites and related deposits in underground caves.
    • To the north lies Durness with the spectacular Smoo Cave, a limestone cave with a hole in the roof.
    • The reef face is pockmarked by some fairly deep caves where only qualified cave divers should venture.
    • Other parts of Rainbow River are better known for caves and grottos.