Traducción de cave-in en Español:


hundimiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkeɪvˌɪn///


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    hundimiento masculino
    derrumbe masculino
    • Every year, gas explosions, cave-ins and mine flooding kill thousands of miners who are driven by deepening poverty to risk their lives in China's notoriously dangerous coal mining industry.
    • A total of 221 miners were underground when the cave-in occurred at about 9.40 pm on Sunday at the state-run Dongfeng coal mine.
    • Having passed the final barricade, Trachoma then struck the roof of the tunnel behind him, creating a small cave-in to seal his retreat.
    • Newspaper reports talk of mine cave-ins and shaft collapses.
    • The cave-in at the Xuzhou Coal Mine Group-operated mine was caused by a sudden in-rush of water.
    • If this was a cave-in, it was a cave-in with a purpose.
    • At the other end, there was a narrow strip of what looked like dirt, but beyond that, they were dismayed to find that their route was blocked by a roof cave-in.
    • The government has repeatedly vowed to do more to crack down on safety violations, but explosions, floods, gas leaks, cave-ins and other disasters are reported every week.
    • My grandfather was killed at the age of 27, crushed beyond recognition in a mine cave-in while grandma was carrying the baby destined to be my father.
    • A series of accidents reported in the press have resulted in the deaths of more than 200 miners through cave-ins, flooded mine shafts and gas explosions.
    • The investigators believe that it was bombs destroying the mine, not a natural cave-in.
    • Falls, electrocutions, falling objects, trench cave-ins, equipment mishaps and vehicular accidents combined to kill hundreds of people on the job.
    • They go deeper and deeper underground, with cave-ins making rescue impossible, completing the classical haunted house structure.
    • In 1876, a freak mine cave-in exposed a valuable body of gold, and the Standard Consolidated Mining Company responded with a large investment in equipment and lumber.
    • I remember hearing the news of a mine cave-in in West Virginia when I was a boy in the mid-1950s.
    • The statistics on accidents from cave-ins show that we are still too complacent or careless, because it is not a lack of affordable solutions that prevents improvement.
    • In the winter of 1983-84 a major snowslide damaged a number of buildings at the Mountain Monarch portal, and subsequent cave-ins within the haulage tunnels now block access to both mines.
    • Surface subsidence also causes safety concerns for the public because of roadway cave-ins or structures and buildings tilting or even collapsing.
    • It contains what I consider the best screen performance by Kirk Douglas - playing a manipulative news reporter, trying to hype the story of a man trapped in a mine cave-in into a new career for himself.
    • Yu added that most cave-ins showed warning signs long before any major subsidence occurred.