Traducción de cavity en Español:


cavidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkavɪti//ˈkævədi/

nombrePlural cavities

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    cavidad femenino
    • These animals are thought to survive only if ice is confined to their body cavity and other extracellular spaces.
    • Sinuses are air-filled, hollow spaces or cavities within the facial bones surrounding your nose.
    • Some of the pages had been hollowed out, and hidden within the cavity lay a single gold ring, as plain and simple a piece of jewellery as the first.
    • Fill the cavities of the peaches with the mixture.
    • An arrowhead was discovered in the body cavity of another female skeleton, suggesting she died in battle.
    • Put each apple on a large piece of foil and fill the core cavities with the mincemeat mixture.
    • Retention of water and fluid in the abdominal cavity gives rise to local distension.
    • The walls are a feat of engineering, with short flights of stairs within the hollow cavity reaching higher galleries.
    • It consisted of filling the empty space of cavities with hydrogen atoms and drawing the surface contour of the H atoms.
    • The infection can also spread into the abdominal cavity causing pain and inflammation around the liver.
    • The size of the pump is restricted by available space in the abdominal cavity.
    • Nests are built in natural cavities, usually within six feet of the ground.
    • A larger nozzle will periodically fill the wall cavity as the structure begins to rise.
    • This type is often used for empty wall cavities in existing buildings.
    • Mold flow analysis was used to ensure that the cavity would fill without problem.
    • Endoscopes - a camera device with a light attached - are usually used to look inside a body cavity or organ.
    • The effects of this fracture depend on its size and location within the orbital cavity.
    • This cavity may then be filled with coal, calcite, siderite, or any other form of sediment.
    • Spawning takes place between December and March, with eggs being laid in rock cavities or empty bivalve shells in shallow water or even on the shore.
    • Many species of wildlife require openings or cavities in standing trees for nesting or shelter.
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    caries femenino
    • Many common pathologies were observed including tooth cavities and osteoarthritis.
    • He said dentists do far more than fill cavities and polish teeth.
    • Oral diseases such as gum inflammation, cavities, tooth decay and other infections should be treated early.
    • The dentist may put fluoride on your child's teeth to prevent cavities.
    • Dentists, of course, are concerned about soft drinks and cavities, or caries.
    • Severe cases result in cavities and the need to pull all the front teeth until the permanent ones grow in.
    • Teeth develop cavities when they lose minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.
    • He described techniques for scraping out caries and filling the cavities with soft metals such as tin, lead, or gold.
    • I can't say that the pop quiz was total murder, but I would rather get a cavity filled.
    • I know two mothers with toddlers who nurse several times a night and have extensive tooth decay and cavities.
    • Fluoride ions in low concentrations have been shown to prevent cavities in teeth.
    • It's to detect cavities within your teeth and problems with your gums, tongue and mouth.
    • It was an intense experience to be sure, like getting your cavities filled at the dentist office.
    • If the teeth are not cleaned properly they may be vulnerable to tooth decay causing cavities, or to gum disease.
    • Most parents ignore cavities in children's teeth, which is one major reason for many children being poor eaters.
    • This mixture, initially the texture of wet sand, is placed into the tooth cavity.
    • It is for this reason that you should visit your dentist regularly as small cavities are much easier to treat than advanced decay.
    • If you have not been to a dentist recently or are concerned your teeth may have cavities please advise your nurse or doctor.
    • She shook her head and told him that two of her lower teeth had cavities.
    • Dental cavities have been filled with gold since ancient times.
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    cavidad femenino
    abdominal cavity cavidad abdominal
    • nasal cavity fosa nasal