Traducción de cavy en Español:


cobayo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkeɪvi//ˈkeɪvi/

nombrePlural cavies

  • 1

    cobayo masculino
    cobaya femenino
    conejillo de Indias masculino
    cuy masculino América del Sur
    cuye masculino Chile
    curí masculino Colombia
    • The cavy's an animal from Patagonia, which as you know is in South America at the bottom.
    • Maya is a crested, dark-eyed gold guinea pig, or cavy, and she's the pride and joy of owner and breeder Keith Lakin.
    • And only when they had taken a closer look at the almost complete skeleton did they realize they had a caviomorph, cousin to the modern cavy or guinea pig.
    • It includes two subfamilies: the Caviinae, the cavies and the familiar guinea pigs; and the Dolichotinae, the Patagonian hares or maras.
    • He keeps around 80 guinea pigs (also called cavies) on an allotment and feeds them beetroot - ‘the finest thing you can give them’ - which he grows himself.