Traducción de Celtic fringe en Español:

Celtic fringe

tierras celtas, n.


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    tierras celtas femenino
    • The result is a generous spending advantage, guaranteed by London politicians, who have for decades shovelled money at the Celtic fringe whenever they feared for the union.
    • Before that, it had been a local, cottage industry, a normal and necessary part of the agricultural economy of poor regions of those Celtic fringes.
    • The western Celtic fringes of Britain and the inner cities are always ‘anti’, the Church of England ultimately ‘pro’, but others commonly switch sides.
    • And at the risk of stirring up the ‘Celtosceptics’ what about the western Celtic fringe and its affiliation with the Liberal Democrats (UKIP and Plaid Cymru / SNP)?
    • Beyond that, factor in the Celtic fringe: the average number of voters in a Scottish or Welsh seat is 63,000, compared with 70,000 in England.
    • This immigration has brought the so-called Celtic fringe into English culture in a host of ways.
    • On Thursday, we're due to hear a pitch from the Welsh Development Agency so it looks as though the Celtic fringes will be hammer and tongs over attracting investment to their shores once again.
    • They had some tiresome concessions to the Celtic fringe by satellite-linking concerts and alternating between them.
    • Audiences will be surrounded by images, sound, music and performances drawn from global waterfront cultures ranging from the Celtic fringes of Europe, to the Bay of Bengal, via South East Asia and Brazil.
    • The Conservatives won more votes than Labour in England in last year's general election - it is the Celtic fringe that poses the greatest problem.
    • While their influence on the Celtic fringes is being challenged, the impact upon their own sovereignty of Brussels and the European Community increases.
    • He will put the so-called West Lothian Question at the heart of the election campaign by claiming Labour's support has retreated to the Celtic fringe, leaving his authority in England dependent on Scots and Welsh MPs.