Traducción de centripetal en Español:


centrípeto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɛntrɪˈpiːt(ə)l//sɛnˈtrɪpɪt(ə)l//sɛnˈtrɪpədl/


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    • The centripetal acceleration of this system rapidly became very high.
    • But as soon as they are seen from any distance, they erupt into pulsing centripetal and centrifugal vortices.
    • The competing forces of gravity at the lower end and outward centripetal acceleration at the farther end keep the cable under tension.
    • This is how fast the Earth would need to rotate to get centripetal acceleration at the equator equal to 9.81 m/s.
    • The pattern of differentiation could thus be visualized as a centripetal wave moving inward from a ring of already differentiated cells.