Traducción de ceramic en Español:


de cerámica, adj.

Pronunciación /sɪˈramɪk//səˈræmɪk/


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    (pot) de cerámica
    ceramic art cerámica femenino
    • ceramic tile (for floors) baldosa (de cerámica)
    • You could also use smaller glazed ceramic bowls from the nursery as coolers.
    • To make a herb bag, mix together, in a ceramic bowl, four tablespoons of dried lavender, half a teaspoon of orrisroot powder and three drops of lavender essential oil.
    • My companions tried Baked Bacon, and Baked Cheese, dishes that also weighed in at 450g and were served sizzling hot in ceramic bowls.
    • At night, they turned their talents to making pots and ceramic sculpture from Blossburg clay.
    • By heating with glass or ceramic containers, you achieve the same result without the dioxin contamination.
    • Place mush (which may now be brown) into a cool ceramic bowl.
    • We decided on a blueprint, which included a March date for a banquet where we would sell ceramic bowls, made by students, filled with soup, also made by students.
    • Clay or ceramic pots are the best choice for cacti.
    • To make your mouth wash, place one handful of fresh rosemary leaves, one peppermint tea bag, and 10 cloves in a ceramic bowl, then pour two cups of boiling water over them.
    • Then, he scooped some of the stew into a ceramic bowl.
    • The inspiration for this clay project came from ceramic dishes that I purchased on a family trip to Greece.
    • Remove from heat, pour into a ceramic bowl, add fifteen drops each of the lavender and sandalwood essential oil and beat until cool and creamy.
    • I liked the negative space in the birdbath, and had been using it to drape clay slabs for large ceramic plates in my personal work.
    • At the age of 13 he began contributing to the family income by taking jobs calling for artistic talent, such as decorating ceramic cups, bowls and vases.
    • We've translated this ancient ceramic art to polymer clay to produce pieces that are individually unique in design and colors.
    • It arrived in a small ceramic pot heated by a candle, along with a variety of fruit, including banana, strawberry and pineapple.
    • To make the cologne, first add two cups of tightly packed lemon balm leaves to a ceramic bowl, pour in 600 ml boiling water, cover and allow to steep overnight.
    • A nest box with heat lamp or ceramic heater should always be provided if birds are left outside at night or on rainy days.
    • In 2001, Kallmeyer and another engineer, Rich McCray, began working on a specialized case to hold a ceramic heat exchanger.
    • A ceramic bowl spills over with a hearty stew of calamari, shrimp, flanks of fish, mussels and scallops in a mild and vaguely sweet tomato-fennel sauce.