Traducción de cerebrum en Español:


cerebro, n.

Pronunciación /səˈribrəm//ˈsɛrəbrəm//ˈsɛrɪbrəm/

nombrePlural cerebra

  • 1

    cerebro masculino
    • The cortical system of arterial branches ramifies over the cerebrum to supply the cortex with arterioles that anastomose in the pia mater.
    • The cerebrum, pons, and medulla were hypoplastic.
    • These changes were observed in a multifocal distribution involving the white matter of the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and spinal cord.
    • The outer layer of the cerebrum, called the cerebral cortex, is responsible for most higher brain functions such as thought, reasoning, memory, and voluntary muscle movement.
    • When pain is experienced, this sensation has reached the cerebrum through complex and dynamic interactions.