Traducción de ceremony en Español:


ceremonia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛrəˌmoʊni//ˈsɛrɪməni/

nombrePlural ceremonies

  • 1

    (ritual, formality)
    ceremonia femenino
    opening/closing ceremony ceremonia inaugural / de apertura/de clausura
    • Before the meeting got underway, there was a brief opening ceremony.
    • The ceremony of baptism celebrates an individual's entrance into Christianity.
    • This applied to public ceremonies and domestic rites such as festivals, weddings and funerals.
    • Earlier this month, it was revealed he will receive a life achievement award at a ceremony in Los Angeles next June.
    • The lecture will be part of a special opening ceremony paying tribute to the nation's health care professionals.
    • Jewish boys are circumcised eight days after birth in a religious ceremony called a bris.
    • The newspaper also picked up awards in the sales and distribution areas of its business at a glittering ceremony.
    • Italian officialdom incorporated the celebration of mass in public ceremonies.
    • At Manchester, the pledge is a formal part of the graduation ceremony, and participants wear a green ribbon.
    • This grove of trees is sacred to the Adivasis and in the past was used during many ceremonies and religious events.
    • The celebrations start with a religious ceremony during which the army flags are blessed.
    • It has been the center of all the religious ceremonies and rites for the Islamic community.
    • The university is expected to confer the honorary degree on her at the university's graduation ceremony in December.
    • It is still written in black marker on a white board and carried with great ceremony to each table.
    • Monday saw a ceremony to celebrate the achievements of sports people in the area.
    • The saint's day is celebrated by a fiesta that includes a religious ceremony.
    • Everything else is carried out with pomp and ceremony by the deferential, impeccably mannered, staff.
    • The next time they were to meet was in May for the wedding ceremony and celebration.
    • Accordingly, he received Mr. Scott with great ceremony, and insisted upon himself leading his horse to the stable.
    • When the religious ceremony was over a firing party of seven fired three volleys of shots into the air.
    • The day's activities began with religious ceremonies in the morning and the pouring of the water.
    • Marriages are celebrated in a civil ceremony that may be followed by a religious rite.
    • Students taking part in a pioneering education scheme have received achievement awards at a special ceremony.